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Responsible Gaming in the Philippines with OKBet Online

Responsible Gaming in the Philippines with OKBet Online
Date: September 8, 2022 / Author: OKBET

Table of Contents

  • Types of Programs
  • Gaming
  • Licensing
  • NDRP
  • Operator
  • Player Exclusion
  • Probity/Integrity
  • Excluded Individuals
  • Gambling Addiction
  • Gambling-Related Concerns
  • Responsible Gaming in the Philippines

    One of the finest strategies for any player to enjoy their gambling experience on OKBet online is responsible gaming. “Gambling” and “Gaming” are frequently used to describe activities involving bets, odds, and prizes. Even if it’s seen as a pleasant type of entertainment, excessive gaming can harm the player, his family, and the community.

    Types of Programs

    The Philippine government, through PAGCOR, oversees licensed gaming facilities all around the nation to ensure that services are provided responsibly. This Code of Practice outlines the Responsible Gaming (RG) policies and procedures that all PAGCOR-operated and licensed organizations must follow in legally permitted gaming establishments to limit potential harm to players and the public, combat gambling addiction, and outlaw underage gambling. The Rules described here are based on current best practices adopted worldwide. They are the minimum requirements that must meet.

    Responsible Gaming in the Philippines with OKBET Online - OKBET online casino


    It includes all typical casino games and their variations, including but not limited to those included in the Provisional License or Authority to Operate, depending on which is appropriate.


    The Entity that has been granted a Provisional License or Authority to Operate by PAGCOR, as applicable.

    The National Database of Restricted Persons (NDRP)

    NDRP is a list of individuals whose names and personal information have been compiled and maintained by PAGCOR and restricted from visiting and participating in particular Philippine gambling establishments where PAGCOR authorization has been granted.


    The business entity engaged by the Licensee to oversee and manage gaming operations at specific sites may be either PAGCOR or the Licensee itself.

    Player Exclusion

    With the use of this program, customers will have the opportunity to prevent loved ones or themselves from gambling again by entering any gaming establishments or websites.


    Probity is a reliable requirement for an effective and efficient regulatory system. Owners of gambling businesses must possess honesty and integrity. Single proprietors, partners, or nominees to a corporation’s board of directors applying for gaming licenses must electronically submit Personal Disclosure Statements (PDS) to formalize probity criteria.

    Excluded Individuals

    Every website is dedicated to promoting gaming as an alternative form of leisure and enjoyment where stakeholders share responsibility for ensuring that gaming decisions are well-informed and that gaming conduct is ethical.

    • Persons under twenty-one (21) or students enrolled in any Philippine school, college, or institution.
    • Public servants are directly involve in running the government of its agencies and their spouses, parents, and children.
    • PAGCOR Gambling Employment License (GEL) holders participating in gaming operations directly or indirectly

    Gambling Addiction

    Gambling becomes a problem when a gambler has an overwhelming drive to gamble, which could accumulate debt or even harm one’s family or community. Addiction to gambling wreaks havoc on one’s psychological, physical, social, and professional lives. It exhibits the following behavior:

    • Growing compulsiveness with gambling.
    • A need to place larger wagers more frequently.
    • Anxiety or restlessness when striving to stop.
    • Seek losses.
    • Loss of control brought on by persistent gambling despite growing -severe and detrimental effects.

    Gambling-Related Concerns

    If you or a related family member has a gambling problem, contact customer service (email/phone). Our website has partnered with gambling support facilities. Contact these service centers:

    Life Change Recovery Center

    Dr. Randy Misael S. Dellosa

    Tel. nos. (02) 415-7964 / 415-6529


    Support Group and Training Consultancy, Inc.

    Tel. no. 0929-165-0414


    We at OKBet¬†support responsible gaming. We’ve established a responsible gaming program that exceeds minimums. Our initiatives enable those who seek assistance or train personnel to serve guests. We also aim to promote responsible gaming and make supporting customers easy and discreet.

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