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Dangers of Boxing: Here’s What You Need to Know

Dangers of Boxing: Here’s What You Need to Know
Date: December 16, 2022 / Author: Timothy Gacura

Table of Contents

  • Constant Hit to the Head
  • Getting Punched in the Eye
  • Bodies are Beaten
  • Death is also on the Table
  • Exploitation is always Possible
  • Food for Your Thoughts
  • OKBET Dangers of Boxing

    Dangers of Boxing: Here’s What You Need to Know

    Boxing is a well-loved sport in most countries, but while it is adored, it poses many dangers to those getting into it. Although it is a form of exercise that strengthens one’s body, there are still risks that need to be addressed. So for this blog, we at OKBet will share with you the things that make boxing a dangerous sport.

    Whenever we watch boxing fights, the referee tells each fighter to protect themselves “at all times.” This is because there are injuries that you can get whenever you box. The dangers of boxing include brain damage, facial injuries, hand and wrist injuries, blindness, and may even lead to death.

    But aside from the physical injuries you may get, there are also mental implications that you may sustain in this sport. So for this blog, we at OKBet will share with you the things that make boxing a dangerous sport.

    Constant Hit to the Head

    When they are in the ring or just sparring, boxers are constantly getting hit on the head. Even if they wear protective gear, every blow damages their nerve networks. Thus, athletes in this sport are more prone to lesions, bruises, and large clots.

    90% of professional boxers experience brain damage due to the number of punches to the head they receive per match. It may range from just a simple concussion but could also lead to more complex brain injuries.

    A 1969 British study even discovered that those fighting after age 28, with more losses and knockouts, were more susceptible to brain damage. The researchers also found that symptoms appear 16 years after their professional career.

    According to the National Library of Medicine, at least 20% of these pro-boxers are at risk of having chronic traumatic brain injury (CTBI). Simply put, boxing degrades a person’s brain. As a result, a person’s consciousness, awareness or responsiveness may change temporarily or permanently.

    There are also physical implications due to brain trauma, including:


    OKBET Dangers of Boxing


    • Seizures
    • Hydrocephalus
    • Headaches
    • Vertigo
    • Paralysis of facial muscles
    • Loses or changes the sense of taste

    A head trauma victim can also experience cognitive, executive functioning, and communication problems.

    Getting Punched in the Eye

    The eyes are shielded on the side by the facial bones. But when blows are sustained underneath them, it might send shock waves up to the eyes in the fluids. Blindness may result from damage to the retina, lens, or other nerves. Boxers are also susceptible to tear duct rupture and retinal detachment.

    Bodies are Beaten

    Not only the head and face are at risk in boxing. Boxers also get bruises, broken bones and teeth, and bleeding gums.

    These athletes can also experience having their ribs broken or even getting their shoulders dislocated. Regularly receiving relentless body punches may also lead to internal bleeding.

    The hands are also affected by the constant punches and deflections a person throws or receives. Amateur boxers are also more susceptible to an injury called “Boxer’s Fracture.” It occurs when the fourth and fifth metacarpals under the knuckles are broken due to the wrong boxing technique.

    The back of the hand is also not spared from injury. Lumps may form on it because of the punches thrown.

    Death is also on the Table

    Because boxers constantly receive heavy blows on the head, they are always at Death’s door. If their head trauma was severe, they could die even after they stepped off the ring.

    Since 1876, there are already 1890 who have died in this sport, according to SuperSport.

    Exploitation is always Possible

    One of the dangers of boxing is not caused by the fights but by the people around them. People who aspire to become professional boxers tend to be preyed upon by their managers and promoters.

    Whether professional or amateur, boxers who desperately need money are being exploited. For example, a deal before the match would favour the sponsor instead of the fighter.

    Food for Your Thoughts

    There are dangers in boxing, and that is a fact. However, it is not the only sport that puts risk on its players. All contact sport have their respective threats to an athlete’s body, health, and life. Athletes tend to risk their lives and body not because they need the money but also for the glory they can bring to their country.

    If you want to get into boxing as a hobby, it is safer if you invest in getting the best protective gear to avoid the injuries mentioned above. But if you want to become a professional, try a couple of sparring sessions or amateur fights to see if the sport is for you.

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