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Casinos, Combat Sports and Their Strong Connection

Casinos, Combat Sports and Their Strong Connection
Date: May 31, 2023 / Author: Timothy Gacura
OKBet Casinos and Combat Sports

The Strong Bond Between Casinos and Combat Sports

Dive deep into the captivating universe where casinos and combat sports converge, forming an extraordinary bond that has intrigued enthusiasts worldwide. 

Prepare to unravel the fascinating story behind this intriguing connection and discover the parallels that make these seemingly distinct realms resonate with the thrill-seekers among us. In this era of entertainment, where people crave the ultimate rush of adrenaline, both casinos and combat sports have emerged as prime destinations, attracting those who seek to witness raw competition and test their luck in a high-stakes environment.

While the realms of gambling and physical combat may appear disparate at first glance, a closer examination reveals their shared qualities of anticipation, spectacle, and the pursuit of triumph.

Connected by Business

Combat sports and casinos have found success by sharing each other’s qualities. 

MMA, boxing, and other bloody sports have gained a new audience thanks to casinos building the hype for these fights. On the other hand, combat sports provide betting markets for betting platforms, traditional and even online casinos.

Look at Las Vegas, where most of the greatest boxing matches have been held. Fans saw Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr duke it out at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in May 2015 and the Mike Tyson versus Evander Holyfield in 1996.

These are just some of the bouts that put the audience cheering at every moment of the match. Over the years, the reach of these combat sports has grown, especially with the rise of online sports betting platforms. 

Through promotions cooked by casinos and online casinos, the boxing event garners people’s interest as the date nears, just like what the UFC did in 2001.

The combat sport struggled in its early years, but after landing a deal with the Station Casinos chain in Las Vegas, they were able to create a fanbase of their own. Until now, the UFC has been one of the most-watched combat sports.

OKBet Casinos and Combat Sports

It can also not be called a mutual relationship if only one benefits. For the matches, particularly the main events, combat sports that casinos have promoted can easily give back by generating:

  • Ticket sales
  • Merchandise
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • On-site advertising

For online casinos, it opens new betting markets that gamblers can choose from. The bigger the fight, the larger the revenue and the greater the number of viewers.

Brick-and-mortar casinos also not only benefit ticket sales, merchandise, and more but also improves the foot traffic inside the halls of the gambling establishment.

Breaks Down Gender Disparity

Combat sports has always been a male-dominated sport. But with the collaboration with casinos, women have been given the chance to prove themselves that they too, can be fighters.

Casinos invest not only in men fighters but in women as well. 

Reasons include expanding audience appeal, increasing event attendance, promoting inclusivity, enhancing the competitive landscape, and capitalizing on market trends.

Another is that Investing in female fighters attracts a broader audience, breaks gender stereotypes, and contributes to the growth of women’s combat sports. 

In a world where women want to be equally treated like men, including a women’s category in combat sports, aligns with societal movements and can generate excitement and profitability for casinos. Fair treatment, equal opportunities, and gender equality are essential for creating a level playing field for all athletes.

Fighters Finally Earn More

Contrary to many claims that the collaboration will only do more harm to the sport than good, the casino and combat sports partnership has proven that it is needed, particularly by helping  increase fighter salaries through various means:

  • Sponsorship and endorsements: Casinos sponsor combat sports events and individual fighters, providing additional income through branding and advertising partnerships.
  • Increased event revenue: Hosting combat sports events at casinos generates significant revenue, allowing organizers to allocate more funds towards fighter salaries.
  • Pay-per-view and broadcast deals: Casino partnerships with media networks lead to higher revenue from pay-per-view purchases and broadcasting rights, enabling larger fighter paydays.
  • Cross-promotion and marketing: Casinos use their marketing channels to promote fighters, increasing their visibility and marketability, which can attract sponsors and investors willing to invest more in fighters.
  • Competitive market dynamics: Casinos competing to host high-profile events and attract top fighters drive up salaries as they vie for exclusive rights to showcase popular athletes.

And it is not just the athletes that benefit from this collaboration. The sponsorships the fighters receive also generate jobs in both industries. Take a look at The Fight of the Century which reportedly generated 12 thousand jobs.


Partnerships are good, especially when it comes to combat sports and casinos. Both industries work hand-in-hand to provide the needs of the fighters while delivering quality matches for fans worldwide to watch.

It is expected that for more years to come, combat sports and casinos will continue to provide the best MMA, boxing, kickboxing, etc events.

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