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Fulham Legend George Cohen Passes Away at 83

Casinos and combat sports help each other. Time to find out what are those.

  Category: Sports Author: TJ 271 views

The Denver Nuggets put up an amazing series, besting the Los Angeles Lakers in four games to take the 2023 Western Conference title.

  Category: Sports , | Author: TJ 388 views

One of the most popular recent hobbies is betting on Esports. Every day, thousands of matches are played, and we at OKBet offer odds on every possible outcome. We are here to guide you through the esports betting ecosystem and place your first esports wager.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 283 views

Slot machines progressed in a good way—by using random number generator—that helps in ensuring the games are fair

  Category: Sports Author: TJ 305 views

If you believe it's easy to make money betting on basketball without taking unnecessary risks, think again. Every game offers a wide variety of betting options, from moneylines and spreads to totals and over/under to props and outrights. But which one should serve as the foundation for your basketball betting strategy?

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 321 views

Playoff performances can make or break a stats of NBA player's legacy. Some players rise to the occasion and put up incredible numbers when it matters most, while others struggle under pressure.

  Category: Sports Author: Noelyn Espinosa 352 views

Tennis betting is becoming increasingly popular among sports bettors. With the rise of online sportsbooks, placing bets on tennis matches is easier than ever. As a result, many people are getting into tennis betting and making money from it.

  Category: Sports Author: Noelyn Espinosa 468 views

Tennis has been a popular sport for centuries, but it is only in recent times that it has become a major focus of the sports betting industry. There has been an interest in gambling on tennis matches since the sport's earliest days. Still, the modern tennis betting market has undergone a remarkable evolution in size, scope, and complexity. In this context, examining the history of tennis betting markets and practices can provide valuable insights into how the industry has developed over time and how it will likely evolve.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 553 views

Sports betting can be exciting and lucrative, but it can also be difficult, particularly for newcomers.

  Category: Sports Author: Noelyn Espinosa 1191 views

Barangay Ginebra regained control of the PBA Governors' Cup Finals with a 117-103 victory over TNT at Smart Araneta Coliseum on Friday, aided by a fourth-quarter three-point barrage.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 1513 views

Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings guard LA Tenorio revealed today that he has been diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer and is taking proactive steps to combat it. Dubbed Iron Man by the local basketball community, the former Ateneo Blue Eagle announced the diagnosis on Tuesday through the official PBA website. In the statement, Tenorio apologized […]

  Category: Sports Author: TJ 2050 views

What to expect in MPBL Season 2023? The readers of this article are provided with an overview of the upcoming season of the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL). The article discusses the team analysis, teams to play, location, OKBet MPBL Partneship Renewal, Makati Kings, and Manny Pacquiao Responsible Gambling.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 2501 views

Arsenal vs. Everton prediction on 03/02/2023 at 3:45AM, as part of the postponed 7th round of the English Premier League.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 2563 views

The Major League Baseball (MLB) playoff system is a postseason tournament that determines the league's champion.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 2271 views

On February 25, 2023, at 23:00, Leicester City will play Arsenal at the King Power Stadium. The Foxes need a win so that they will be hosting the Gunners.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 2153 views

Liverpool will play Real Madrid on February 22, 2023 at 4:00 AM. This will be the first match of the 1/8 final of the Champions League.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 1927 views

The Ultimate Guide to NBA Betting for Beginners is a comprehensive guide that aims to provide new bettors with a solid foundation on the basics of NBA betting.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 1960 views

Like all professional sports, baseball has some fantastic highs and some not-so-amazing lows for many players.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 1949 views

Arsenal will play Manchester City on February 16, 2023, at 03:30 AM, as part of the 12th round of the English Premier League that was put off.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 1966 views

Bettors who are just starting need more skill and experience to know when to make the right choices.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 2161 views

Football is one of the most famous sports in North America, and the NFL is more popular than ever. Bettors try to make money by placing money on a single game, a player betting prop, or NFL futures odds.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 2134 views

Manny Pacquiao is starting to take his exhibition boxing matches more seriously.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 1945 views

One of the most popular types of video games is sports games. It is in the middle of a Venn diagram between people who like the sport in real life and people who enjoy playing this type of video game.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 1782 views

Fans and people who care about Pele have gathered at the Vila Belmiro stadium in Santos to say goodbye to him. Pele died peacefully at the Albert Einstein Hospital on December 29.

  Category: Sports Author: Maria Abelardo 1506 views

As of this writing, Barcelona currently occupies the top spot in the tournament with a 12-1-1 standing. It is followed by Real Madrid 11-2-1, which makes their odds at 1.50 and 2.50, respectively.

  Category: Sports | Author: TJ 1715 views

The Dallas Mavericks understand how lucky they are to have a player like Luka Doncic. The opportunity to have another superstar take over just after Dirk Nowitzki decided to call it a day is a rare feat of continuity that most NBA teams wish could have. However, the Mavs’ front office is struggling to consistently […]

  Category: Sports Author: TJ 1416 views

“It was emotional,” admitted Nowitzki. “When the thing went up, [it] felt like the sun was just perfect today, just shining right on it.”

  Category: Sports , , , | Author: TJ 2362 views

After beating Nietes last July, the Japanese boxer announced his plan to have all four bantamweight belts. To begin unifying all the WBA titles under his name, he will first have to defeat Franco, who just became a titleholder after Juan Francisco Estrada gave it up last August.

  Category: Sports Author: TJ 1574 views

When you ask an NBA fan who their MVP for the season is, not many of them will name Nikola Jokic. It’s understandable: other players are putting up MVP numbers in ways that thrill more crowds. Fans who look at a small sample of Jokic’s game will find his play boring compared to other superstars. […]

  Category: Sports Author: TJ 1524 views

"Everyone at Fulham Football Club is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of our greatest ever players - and gentlemen - George Cohen MBE," the club wrote on its official Twitter account.

  Category: Sports Author: TJ 1471 views
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