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OKBet Esports Betting Services

OKBet E-sports Betting

OKBet redefines the world of Esports betting with our premier Esports betting services in the Philippines. Dive into the exciting realm of competitive video gaming and elevate your gaming experience with OKBet.

OKBet Esports Betting Features:

  • Easy Registration and Verification:

  • Get started effortlessly by signing up on our user-friendly website or mobile app, with quick and hassle-free verification.
  • Convenient Deposits:

  • Fund your OKBet account using a variety of payment methods, including GCash, and choose your preferred currency.
  • Extensive Esports Markets:

  • Explore our wide range of Esports events covering your favorite games and teams.
  • Seamless Betting:

  • Select your desired event, bet type, and wager amount. Confirm your bet, and you’re ready to go.
  • Real-time Action:

  • Watch Esports events live and monitor your bets in real-time on our platform.
  • Effortless Withdrawals:

  • Easily withdraw your winnings to your chosen payment method when your bets succeed.

Strategies for Success with OKBet Esports Betting:

  • In-depth Research and Analysis:

  • Gain a deep understanding of Esports by diving into team dynamics, player statistics, and performance trends. Stay updated with the latest news and insights from the Esports community.
  • Effective Bankroll Management:

  • Set a budget for your betting activities and stick to it to ensure responsible gaming.
  • Understanding Bet Types:

  • Familiarize yourself with various bet types and choose those that align with your knowledge and risk tolerance.
  • Embracing Live Betting:

  • Experience the thrill of in-play betting, allowing you to react to in-game developments and make informed decisions.
  • Strategic Diversification:

  • Spread your bets across different games and tournaments to mitigate risk and enhance your chances of winning.

Experience OKBet Live Esports Online Betting

Experience OKBet Live Esports Online Betting:

OKBet takes your Esports betting experience to the next level with our live Esports online betting feature:

Real-time Betting:

  • Place bets as Esports matches unfold, immersing yourself in the action.

Enhanced Engagement:

  • Become an active participant in the game, intensifying your viewing experience.

In-Play Statistics:

  • Access real-time statistics and data to make informed betting decisions.

Flexible Betting:

  • Adapt your bets to changing circumstances during the match for maximum potential winnings.

Additional Betting Markets:

  • Explore unique betting markets and prop bets exclusive to in-play betting.

OKBet Esports FAQs:

Is Esports betting legal with OKBet?

  • Yes, OKBet operates within the legal framework of our licensing jurisdiction.

How can I deposit funds into my OKBet account for Esports betting?

  • Deposit funds using various payment methods, including GCash, cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

What Esports games can I bet on with OKBet?

Bet on a variety of Esports games, including Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch, and more.

Are the Esports odds competitive with OKBet?

  • We offer competitive odds to enhance your winnings.

Can I bet on live Esports events in real-time?

  • Yes, you can bet on live Esports events in real-time.

Is there a mobile app for Esports betting with OKBet?

  • Download our mobile app for a seamless betting experience on your device.

Are there promotions for Esports bettors on OKBet?

  • Stay updated on our promotions page for the latest offers and rewards.

How can I withdraw my winnings from Esports betting on OKBet?

  • Withdraw your winnings effortlessly using your preferred deposit method.

Can I bet with virtual items or cryptocurrencies on OKBet?

  • Depending on the game and event, you may have the option to bet with virtual items or cryptocurrencies.

How can I contact OKBet’s customer support for Esports betting inquiries?

  • Our dedicated customer support is available via email, live chat, or phone.

Available Esports Games You Can Bet On with OKBet

Dive into the dynamic world of Esports with OKBet and explore a diverse range of games that cater to your gaming preferences. Our platform covers an extensive selection of popular Esports titles, allowing you to place bets on thrilling matches and tournaments. Here are some of the available Esports games you can bet on with OKBet:

1. Dota 2:

  • Immerse yourself in the strategic battles of Dota 2, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game. Bet on your favorite teams as they compete in prestigious tournaments, including The International.

2. League of Legends (LoL):

  • Experience the intense action of League of Legends, another highly popular MOBA game. Bet on top teams and players as they clash on the Summoner’s Rift in major leagues and championships.

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO):

  • Join the world of tactical first-person shooting with CS:GO. Bet on professional teams showcasing their skills in high-stakes tournaments, including the ESL Pro League and the IEM Katowice.

4. Overwatch:

  • Engage in futuristic team-based battles with Overwatch. Bet on the Overwatch League and witness top-tier teams compete for supremacy in this fast-paced first-person shooter.

5. Call of Duty (CoD):

  • Experience the adrenaline-pumping action of Call of Duty Esports. Bet on thrilling matches featuring skilled players in popular titles like Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

6. Valorant:

  • Enter the tactical shooting arena with Valorant. Bet on professional Valorant teams as they showcase precise aim and strategic gameplay in tournaments like the Valorant Champions Tour.

7. Rocket League:

  • Combine soccer with rocket-powered cars in Rocket League. Bet on teams exhibiting skillful car maneuvers and teamwork in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS).

8. Fortnite:

  • Join the battle royale phenomenon with Fortnite. Bet on top Fortnite players participating in competitive events and championships, including the Fortnite World Cup.

9. StarCraft II:

  • Witness the complexity of real-time strategy gaming in StarCraft II. Bet on top players competing in global StarCraft II tournaments and leagues.

10. FIFA:

  • Explore Esports in the realm of virtual soccer with FIFA. Bet on professional FIFA players as they compete in major FIFA Esports events.

11. Rainbow Six Siege:

  • Engage in tactical shooter gameplay with Rainbow Six Siege. Bet on intense competitions featuring strategic team-based action in leagues like the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League.

12. Hearthstone:

  • Experience the strategic card game of Hearthstone. Bet on skilled players as they navigate decks and tactics in Hearthstone Grandmasters and other premier tournaments.

13. Smite:

  • Immerse yourself in mythological battles with Smite. Bet on teams competing in the Smite Pro League and witness divine clashes in this unique MOBA.

14. Gears of War:

  • Join the intense third-person shooter action of Gears of War Esports. Bet on top teams as they participate in Gears Esports events, showcasing skill and teamwork.

15. Apex Legends:

  • Experience the fast-paced battle royale action of Apex Legends. Bet on professional Apex Legends teams competing in major tournaments, demonstrating their strategic prowess.

Experience the OKBet Promo and Join the Esports Revolution!

Step into the exhilarating realm of competitive gaming with OKBet Promo! Bet responsibly, exercise prudent bankroll management, and stay well-informed to make strategic decisions.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by – head over to now to delve into our Esports betting offerings and embark on your exciting journey today. We wish you the best of luck, and may your bets with OKBet Promo bring you not only thrills but also prosperity in the thrilling universe of OKBet Esports!


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