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MSW Review

MSW Review
Date: January 27, 2024 / Author: Macky Escasinas
OKBet MSW review

OKBet Reviews: Megasportsworld Philippines (MSW PH)

One of the most profound gambling platforms in the Philippines is MegaSportsWorld (MSW), which captivates Filipinos with sports betting. But what makes it great? This MSW PH betting review by OKBet will explain and nitpick the website’s pros and cons, giving you a deeper insight into this virtual gambling arena.

About Megasportsworld (MSW) Platform

According to its LinkedIn profile, MegaSportsWorld, or MSW, is a fully licensed sportsbook by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). MSW offers online betting on local, regional, and international sports. Established in November 2009, the gambling company was owned by Francis Uy.

Apart from being an online bookmaker, MSW PH also has betting outlets scattered across the Philippines. As of this writing, there are over 100 outlets spread across the country.

However, MSW has no casino, as its focus is solely on the sports betting side. So, for those looking for a platform to play online casino games, MSW PH is not their platform.

Assessing the Mega Sports World Homepage

The design of the Mega Sports World homepage is very straightforward, using the colors black, white, and orange. Since MSW focuses primarily on sports betting, users are greeted with a simple login tab and the features available on the platform.

What makes their homepage design very appealing is this reminder: to always practice responsible gambling.

Gamblers are prone to gambling addiction, and discipline is important in gambling. Unlike other platforms that greet their players with the latest promotions, MSW Philippines gently reminds its players to be responsible gamblers. In their announcement is a link highlighting their exclusion programs, tips on responsible betting, and support groups for gambling addicts.

This announcement is a plus, especially since platforms like this have to safeguard the welfare of their players. It shows that they truly care about their players.

OKBet MSW review

MSW Odds – Complete and Clear

One important factor in assessing homepages of online gambling platforms like MSW is their ability to show their betting odds. If you analyze the position of MSW betting odds, you will see them as clearly as day in the top-right corner, below the Promotions and Services tabs.

This shows that when betting in MSW, players can change their betting options. This also gives them a sense of freedom and allows them to choose how they like to play.

In terms of betting markets, MSW is undoubtedly diverse. It offers options for popular sports like basketball, volleyball, football, etc. It also offers exotic sports like Bandy, Kho Kho, and Kabaddi. This only means one thing: whatever sport you have in mind, they have it.

MSW Online Betting Promos – Meh

The odds are great, and the homepage is great, but one thing may bum out most players: MSW only has four available promotions.

Upon checking their active promos, we found that MSW only offers Head2Head Hero, Odds Boost, Welcome Bonus, and Birthday Bonus. Compared to platforms like OKBet, the deals available at this virtual bookmaker lack depth. This is one of the rare instances where it fails to make players happy.

MSW Mobile – Added Accessibility But…

MSW has its own mobile app for added accessibility—only if you are a high roller.

The mobile application was developed as part of the MSW VIP program. To use their betting app, players must be a part of a group of bettors who spend at least P10,000 a week in sports betting. However, its sole function is that you have a Private Video-Call Service with the MSW managers to confirm stakes while away.

As for common sports bettors, MSW Philippines optimized its website to be compatible with mobile users. The compact version also works like the desktop version, where players can log in, review schedules, and make calculations. Still, it would have been great if the platform made another app for casual players.

OKBet MSW review


The detailed review illuminates MSW PH’s strengths and weaknesses. While it impresses with a responsible gambling approach, clear betting odds, and a mobile app for high rollers, the limited promotional offerings and exclusive nature of certain features suggest that it may lack the depth needed to cater to a broader audience. The platform’s focus on a VIP program and high-spending bettors might make it less accessible to the masses, leaving some players desiring more diverse and inclusive gambling services.

One notable aspect is the mobile app, exclusively designed for high rollers within the VIP program. While this may enhance accessibility for a specific demographic, it also creates a divide, excluding casual players who may prefer a more inclusive mobile experience.

This platform is suitable for those with deep pockets, but other platforms like OKBet offer the same quality of services if you are more casual about betting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is MegaSportsWorld legal in the Philippines?

  • Yes, MegaSportsWorld is fully licensed by PAGCOR, making it a legal sportsbook in the country.

When was MegaSportsWorld established?

  • MegaSportsWorld was established in November 2009 under the ownership of Francis Uy.

How many physical outlets does MegaSportsWorld have in the Philippines?

  • As of now, MSW has 100 sports betting outlets spread across the Philippines.

What is the design of MSW’s homepage like?

  • MSW’s homepage has a straightforward design, primarily using black, white, and orange colors. It focuses on sports betting with a simple login tab and key platform features.

Does MSW promote responsible gambling?

  • Yes, MSW emphasizes responsible gambling on its homepage. It provides links to exclusion programs, tips on responsible betting, and support groups for gambling addicts.

Is the Megasportsworld odds clear?

  • The betting odds on MSW’s website are clear and easily accessible in the top-right corner, just below the Promotions and Services tabs.

What promotions does MegaSportsWorld offer?

  • MSW offers four promotions: Head2Head Hero, Odds Boost, Welcome Bonus, and Birthday Bonus.

Is there a mobile app for MegaSportsWorld?

  • Yes, MegaSportsWorld has a mobile app, but it’s part of the MSW VIP program, accessible for high rollers who spend P10,000 a week in sports betting. There’s also a mobile-optimized website for common sports bettors.

What is the purpose of the MSW mobile app for high rollers?

  • The MSW mobile app for high rollers allows users to have a Private Video-Call Service with MSW managers to confirm stakes while away.

How does MSW cater to casual players on mobile?

  • MSW has optimized its website to be compatible with mobile users. It provides a compact version that works similarly to the desktop version, allowing players to log in, review schedules, and make calculations on the go.