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Ok-E-Sports: Best E-Sports Betting in the Philippines

OKBet E-sports Betting

Competitive gaming may still be a growing scene, but it has already produced plenty of exciting moments in its time of existence. From StartCraft to Fortnite, plenty of titles nowadays pit the best players against each other for bragging rights and cash.

As these games become more popular and attract more eyes, it’s natural that some will become interested in betting on these games. If you’re looking for the perfect platform to place bets on your favorite team, look no further than OKBet!

OkE-sports offers a fun platform where you can completely transform how you watch e-sports streams from now on!

Games Covered Under Ok Esports

As you know, esports is a widely growing industry. Game studios have started releasing games with competitive gaming in mind. With the number of titles being released every year, it can become hectic to keep up with which titles are coming up with their own e-sports leagues.

Once you get into the OkE-sports platform, here are some of the common games that you can expect to see there:

Dota 2

The massively popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is one of the most popular esports in the world, with The International promising millions of dollars in prizes to the best teams in the world.

League of Legends

This title is another popular MOBA title with its share of devoted fans. While it doesn’t have the prize pools of Dota 2, its roster of star players created countless epic moments in the Summoner’s Rift.

Mobile Legends

This popular mobile game is played by multitudes of Filipino gamers. Many of the most popular teams in this game’s professional scene come from the Philippines.


While it’s new to the esports scene, this shooter is commanding the same amount of attention as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s an exciting hero shooter where tactics matter as much as the game’s exciting visuals.

Why Should You Play at OKBet E-Sports?

One of the reasons we’re the best source for your e-sports needs is the variety of markets we offer. Esports is a dynamic scene, and you need a partner to give you odds on the games you want when you want them.

Aside from our markets, we also take proactive steps to ensure we have the best odds. Our team of bookies study the various leagues we cover and provide the best odds based on their run of form, the current status of the game, and other factors.

Finally, betting on the OKBet platform is easy. Our UI is sleek and easy to understand. You can quickly find and bet on the game you want to bet on.

Together We Win at OKBet Electronic Sports!

Choose the best platform to transform your e-sports-watching experience for the better! OkE-sports offers quality odds on your favorite games, which adds even more value when your favorite team finally lifts the most coveted trophy.

Log into your OKBet account today and start playing on your favorite e-sports titles!