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The Netherlands and Poland will Host FIVB Women’s World Championship 2022

The Netherlands and Poland will Host FIVB Women’s World Championship 2022

Table of Contents

  • POOL A
  • POOL B
  • POOL C
  • POOL D
  • FIVB Schedule
  • September 23 – October 2
  • October 4-9
  • October 11-15
  • The Netherlands and Poland will Host FIVB Women's World Championship 2022 - OKBET volleyball

    The FIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship gets underway next week in the Netherlands and Poland, so fans of the sport already have another great event to look forward to after the FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship 2022 concludes on Sunday in the OkBet site.

    The competition will be held in Poland and the Netherlands. Arnhem, Rotterdam, Apeldoorn, Gdask, od, and Gliwice will all host matches. Many of the world’s top female athletes in the sport are competing in this event. Twenty-four different countries will compete to take home the coveted trophy.

    Four groups of competing nations will compete to advance to the tournament’s second round. The top 4 groups in each team go to a two-group competition, with the top four groups moving on to the championship round. With more national teams from Asia, the competition will be a worldwide celebration of the sport.

    POOL A


    POOL B

    Poland Korea
    Turkey Thailand
    Dominican Republic Croatia

    POOL C

    USA Bulgaria
    Serbia Canada
    Germany Kazakhstan

    POOL D

    Brazil Colombia
    China Argentina
    Japan Czech Republic

    FIVB Schedule

    The Netherlands and Poland will Host FIVB Women's World Championship 2022 - OKBET sports betting

    September 23 – October 2

    • Opening of the competition
    • Twenty-four teams were divided into four groups.
    • Teams play matches against each other and the opposition in their respective groups.

    The Opening Phase will take place from September 23 to October 2 in Arnhem, Netherlands, and the Polish cities of Gdansk and Lodz, with the 24 participating teams divided into four groups of six.

    October 4-9

    • Phase two of the competition
    • The top four groups from each team in the earlier round advance.
    • There are two teams of eight groups each, and they participate in matches.

    Phase 2, consisting of two pools of eight teams, will be advanced by the top four teams from each group (Pool E will reunite the sides coming from Phase 1, Pools A and D, while Pool F will include squads from Pools B and C). From October 4 to 9, matches will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and od, Poland.

    October 11-15

    • The final round of the competition
    • The four best teams from the previous stage’s two groups advance.
    • Before the two semifinal matches, four quarterfinal matches are played.
    • The bronze and gold medal competition will take place on October 15.

    The four quarterfinal matches will occur on the same day, October 11, with two matches in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, and the other two in Gliwice, Poland. The semifinals will be held in the same cities on October 12 and 13 in Apeldoorn.

    The presence of the FIVB sport’s biggest stars, including Italy’s Paola Egonu, Gabriela’ Gabi’ Guimaraes, the Annie Drews, Sarina Koga, and Li Yingying, ensures that the tournament will be full of exciting battles across the three Dutch and three Polish host cities.

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