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OkBet: Quality Ice Hockey Betting Tips in the Philippines

Finding the right Filipino betting platform for an unpopular sport like ice hockey can be difficult. Bettors looking for a great betting platform should only trust a PAGCOR-accredited platform like OkBet to find the best odds in this competitive and physical sport.

Hockey may not have a strong following in the country, but its unique appeal as a sport may have some bettors interested in trying it out. Bettors who watched at least one ice hockey game would be intrigued enough to give the game a spin in the betting market.

However, the market for the sport is limited. Since there’s an evident lack of skating rinks in the country, it’s understandable that many online betting platforms operating in the country didn’t add the sport to their roster of sports betting offerings.

This is where OkBet stands out. We see the high entertainment value the sport can provide and added it to our list of sports with quality betting odds. This will give you a more exciting experience with our betting platform.

Understanding Ice Hockey Betting Rules

If you aren’t familiar with ice hockey betting rules, it’s easy to see why you may not feel comfortable making a bet in the market. 

However, betting and winning on ice hockey games should be easy if you understand how the OkBet ecosystem works. Our platform is straightforward, so you don’t have to worry about making the wrong bets.

Three markets under ice hockey betting on OkBet are 1X2, handicap, and Goals O/U. Having a solid understanding of these markets will help you win big and win more often.

Betting on the 1X2 market only requires you to predict which squad would win over the three periods of play. While the NHL shares traits with other American sporting leagues, it’s unique as a draw is also a possible result.

The handicap market takes extra steps to ensure victory for one team. Bookies will place a handicap that determines how much of a favorite or underdog the team is. This market is the best for matches you deem as tight contests.

The final important market that you should check is Goals Over/Under. Players who try this market try to predict the number of goals the two teams will create during the game. The scores will be added and compared to the figure our bookies have set.

Get the Best Ice Hockey Betting Tips at OkBet

Interested in betting on hockey games but don’t know where to start? OkBet’s team of writers and analysts will provide the coverage you need.

Our team is comprised of professional writers who cover hockey alongside multiple other sports. We provide detailed opinion pieces and reviews of competitive hockey matches and help you make the right bet.

Find the Best Ice Hockey Betting Strategy

When you try betting on hockey games on OkBet, it’s easy to feel out of your depth. However, applying the right strategy will help you better predict who has a better chance of winning on the ice.

Choosing a tipster to help make your bets is a tried-and-tested way of betting on hockey games. They have years of experience covering the league, and their mastery of the game’s nuances will eliminate any work you need to do.

If you’re eager to learn more about the sport, look up analytics on the ice hockey league you’re trying to follow. Stats don’t lie about a team’s performance. A team’s efficiency on advanced statistics will paint you a comprehensive picture that will allow you to determine whether they’re worth betting on.

Finally, find value among road teams. Bookies usually give home teams a significant advantage, even if they are slight underdogs on paper. Sticking with a strong away team is a sound betting decision.

Win on the Ice with OkBet!

OKBet is the premier online betting service for ice hockey and other sports. Our excellent odds and secure betting platform make us the favorite of niche sports fans.

Sign up for an OkBet account today and experience the difference in quality over other sports betting platforms.

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