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Sports Betting

Sports Betting

OkBet: Trusted Online Sports Betting in the Philippines

Finding a trusted source of online sports betting in the Philippines takes a lot of work. Not only do you have to sift through suspicious sites, but there are also times when the game you want to bet on isn’t even up on their site.

If you’re tired of searching for the perfect place to fulfill your sports betting needs, OkBet is here to help! We’re the Philippines’ premier betting provider for the avid sports gambler.

We are a legal online betting provider that offers the best odds in the world’s biggest sporting events. We’re the brand many bettors trust for the many markets we cover.

How Sports Betting in the Philippines Works

Sports betting is at a strange place in the Philippines’ gambling consciousness. Filipinos are more familiar with the famous basketball ending game, but sports gambling’s more exciting aspects aren’t fully explored by the betting public.

For the uninitiated, sports betting is an activity where you bet on specific sporting events you want to watch. Should your favored team win, you immediately win money based on the odds you bet on.

Winning big with sports betting is easy. Access the sports betting page from the OkBet website. From there, find the sport with the game you want to bet on. You’ll find it under its league on the page.

Once there, you will find various betting options for you to choose from. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common markets you can find on our sports betting site to make your betting experience easier:

  • Winner / 1X2: You win if the team or player you bet on wins the match.
  • Handicap: You win if your team or player wins after adding or subtracting the set handicap.
  • Goals O/U / Total Points: You win if you correctly predict whether the combined score/points of the two sides are above or below the set threshold.

Almost every sport you can think of has a corresponding market in the OkBet platform. Basketball is well-represented, as we have markets for both local and international leagues. We also have football, tennis, volleyball, and motorsports betting markets if you like watching other sports.

Is Your Bookmaker Legal?

Sports betting is a legal albeit tightly regulated industry in the Philippines. As sports betting platforms become increasingly mainstream, more illegal online betting operations are appearing out of the woodwork.

This is problematic because criminal organizations can use these operations to launder money earned from illegal activities. Moreover, your data and money are at risk if you deposit and play under these unregistered online services.

If you want to win big with sports betting and keep your information secure, ensure your online bookmaker is accredited by the Philippine Games and Amusement Corporation (PAGCOR). This governing body has a comprehensive list of accredited operators that you can check.

Aside from their list, there are also multiple things you can check to see if the sports betting operator you want to play in is legal:

  • Minors are prohibited from accessing these websites.
  • Established payment systems for quick and easy deposits and withdrawals.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TSL) certificates exist.
  • Glowing reviews from registered users.

If any of the things in this list is missing from your potential digital betting platform, you should look elsewhere and choose a reliable service like OkBet.

Reasons Why OkBet Sportsbook Is Trusted

Ever wondered why OkBet is the preferred sportsbook in the PH? This section will discuss the multiple reasons behind the brand’s success.

The first reason behind our dominance in the local sports betting scene is our status with PAGCOR. We are one of the country’s few accredited online betting service providers. This status allows us to serve the Filipino gaming public without fear of legal repercussions.

Another reason we’re the biggest sports betting brand in the Philippines is the quality of our odds. Our team of dedicated bookies keeps up with the various markets we handle to provide quality odds that best reflect the state of the participants before and during the match.

Accessibility is another benefit we have over the competition. We allow deposits and withdrawals from major e-wallets and banks. You can also quickly top up your account or claim your winnings through our secured payment systems.

Finally, we are driven to provide the best sports gambling services to the public. There is a lack of five-star sports betting options in the country, and we strive to become the standard-bearers of quality in the industry.

OkBet App: Sports Betting Online, Anywhere You Go

Ever got the urge to place a bet during the most awkward times? Since sports betting is usually done online, it’s hard to scratch the itch when commuting or far away from your computer.

Thankfully, the OkBet app provides online sports betting solutions wherever you are! This app lets you quickly bet on your favorite sporting event while commuting or on an outing with your loved ones.

You can easily find the sports betting section with the app’s easy-to-navigate UI. You can also quickly deposit and withdraw money using the app.

It’s the perfect application for the gambler that’s always on the go!

Tips to Win Big With a Sportsbook Provider

Sports betting may seem like a complicated activity. Novice gamblers who blindly bet will quickly empty their bankroll with poor bets and a lack of strategy.

Thank your lucky stars that OkBet is here to help. Here are some pointers that can help you win consistently with a top-tier sportsbook provider like OkBet.

Properly Manage Your Bankroll

Running out of funds is among the most common problems that newbie sports bettors experience. Their tendency to become trigger-happy with their bets can cause them to lose track of their finances and end up with a big zero in their accounts.

Keeping track of your finances is one of the keys to becoming a successful and responsible gambler. If you notice you’re running out of your betting funds, adjust your bets accordingly. Moreover, do not top up more than the amount you set aside for this hobby.

Know the Games You’re Betting On

Say you’re interested in betting on the PBA. You bet on a specific team because they’re the strongest in the previous conference. However, you lost your wager because their star player was sidelined for the game.

Knowing the game you’re betting on is crucial to winning sports betting. Throwing your money towards a specific team or player because they’re historically good is a quick way to empty your bankroll.

Know the Market

Having a great understanding of what 1X2 or handicap is can help you figure out which markets are the best ones to bet on. If you feel the underdog can keep the game close, choosing them in the handicap market will net you big wins.

Never Bet When High On Emotions

While sports betting is a game of chance, it can become a winnable venture if you incorporate a bit of thinking into it. You’ll use previous performances and specific circumstances to identify which bets will make you big money.

Since you need a clear mind to make the right bet, avoid turning to sports betting when you’re high on emotion. Betting while you’re overwhelmed with emotion is the quickest way to lose your bank.

Common Questions to Ask Your Sportsbook

What are the odds?

The odds present your potential earnings should your bet win. For example, if you bet PHP 1000 on 3.4 odds, your possible winnings will be PHP 3400.

Odds also point to the possibility of a particular event happening. For example, one team with odds of 0.82 shows that they’re favorites to win. Meanwhile, a team with odds of 12.33 has a mountain to climb if they want to win.

What’s the best sport to wager on?

This question has no clear-cut answer. Filipino gamblers love basketball and will feel confident predicting a game or two. However, your knowledge of the sport doesn’t translate to your odds of winning your football or baseball bets.

The best sports to bet on are those you’re intimately familiar with. If you want to bet on a specific sport, learn everything there is to know about it before risking your bankroll.

Should I be a sports expert to win on sports betting?

No! As long as you have a solid understanding of the sport, you can see how certain games will go and win big. However, you will have a greater shot at winning if you know the ins and outs of the sport you’re betting on.

Is OkBet a legal sportsbook?

Yes! We are licensed by PAGCOR to operate as an online gambling provider.

Win Big With OkBet Online Sportsbook

Experience a different kind of thrill with sports betting! Choose a trusted online sportsbook like OkBet to win big. Sign up for an account today, and Together We Win!

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