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OKBet Reviews: S5 Online Casino

OKBet Reviews: S5 Online Casino
Date: December 21, 2023 / Author: OKBET
OKBet S5 Arena Review

This s5 casino online review will tackle one of the few legal gambling platforms in the Philippines. Here, we will discuss its services, products, benefits, and any possible improvements in the gambling arena. 

But before we delve into those things, let us first discuss…

What is s5 Casino?

s5 casino is a gambling platform specifically in the Philippines. It is under the regulation of the regulatory agency Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). The online casino has been in the industry for four years, having been issued a license in 2019.

It is a 2-in-1 gambling website offering gaming options like slots, table games, live casino, sports betting, bingo, and fishing games. 

Homepage Design – Simple and Sleek

The homepage of the online casino is very straightforward. It highlights their extensive game library and, most importantly, their available promotions.

Potential players who visit their site are immediately greeted by their lucrative promotions, enticing them to register and claim them all. This is a good marketing strategy since bonuses are the bread and butter of online casinos in piquing the interest of Internet users.

Another thing that is noticeable on the homepage is its lack of text. The page shows only the latest games available, their partnered game developers, and available payment methods.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? For those wanting just to play and not scroll down to almost infinitesimal words, this is a good thing because it directs them straight to what they should do: gamble.

OKBet S5 Arena Review

Lucrative s5 Promotions

Another important aspect of a player choosing an online casino is their ability to meet uniqueness, lucrativeness, and availability of the bonuses. Well, the s5 online casino met all three categories under promotions.

They have a variety of promotions, including slots, e-bingo, and sports betting bonuses. Apart from the usual sign-up reward, like 51 free spins, the platform also has “special treats,” like their Sun-tastic Sunday Treat that gives players 100 free spins by just depositing. 

s5 casino is also generous regarding deposit bonuses, giving out up to P15,000 credits when players top up their account for the third consecutive time.

With unique and generous bonuses, it is hard to pass on these opportunities. Hands down to the promotions team of this online casino!

However, note that its promotions vary regarding wagering requirements. The only problem we have seen so far is that meeting the conditions is daunting. Also, it forces players to spend more just to reap the bonuses.

For instance, its first deposit bonus that gives out 55 free spins has a withdrawal requirement of betting the total winning amount at least 15 times; it must be completed within seven (7) days.

OKBet S5 Arena Review

Plethora of Payment Options

Most online platforms nowadays prefer GCash as their primary withdrawal and deposit method. But what if there are other ways?

That is what s5 thought of when they implemented not one but 10 ways to top up and withdraw. According to their site, apart from GCash, they also make transactions via Maya, Dragonpay, BancNet, 7/11 Connect, Cliqq 7/11, MLuhillier, Lazada, ECPay, and PNB.

s5 Slots – Thought of It? They Got It!

The s5 online casino has an extensive library of online slots, ranging from classic to themed games like Grand Prix, superheroes, action, and history. It even has a horror-themed slot machine!

Their vast collection of virtual slots came from the multitude of game providers they employed, like RealTime Gaming, Red Tiger, JILI, and more. These unique games have different volatilities, meaning you can always find a game that is suitable for your preference.

Besides its plethora of games and sports betting options, the S5 casino also showers its players with slot choices that could land them a massive prize. Moreover, it is not just one or two jackpot games—it has tons of them!

S5 Bingo – Beautifully Unique

Gone are the days when you play online bingo with a single theme! At s5 casino, their bingo games have been carefully crafted to incorporate themes into their 15 variants. What is more enticing is that players can enjoy a quick round of e-bingo for just a peso!

Fresh perspectives of classic games such as bingo are welcome, and s5 just found a way to make it even more appealing to bingo enthusiasts.

Live Dealer, RTG, Fishing, and More!

The s5 casino stands as one of the most near-complete platforms in the Philippines. While most online casinos focus on tables, slots, or other in-demand games, s5 prefers to break that barrier by constantly adding more unique variations of games like Baccarat, Poker, Fishing, etc.

We commend s5 for constantly trying to become the most innovative licensed online platform in the Philippines. App – Just Like the Web Version

For mobile users, s5 has developed its own mobile application to let its players enjoy their favorite games while on the go. However, you need help finding it on either Google or App Store. Instead, the app is available for download on their official website. This could prove to be a downside, especially since not every gambler is familiar with their platform. Having their own app on the Google Play Store and the App Store like OKBet could broaden their reach and increase their number of mobile players.


In conclusion, the s5 casino has emerged as a legal and regulated gambling platform in the Philippines. The 2-in-1 website offers various gaming options and an undoubtedly user-friendly homepage design focusing on simplicity, highlighting the extensive game library, and enticing promotions.

Notably, the review saw that its promotions stand out with their uniqueness and generosity, providing players with various opportunities to boost their gaming experience. Although it’s essential to consider varying wagering requirements, we believe it is worth the risk.

Another benefit of gambling in this casino is that its payment options make deposits and withdrawals easier and more convenient. It also proved to be committed to innovating the online gambling industry to elevate the gaming experience through its games. 

While improvements such as broader app availability are needed, s5 casino still positioned itself as an innovative and complete online gambling platform in the Philippines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is s5 casino legal in the Philippines?

Yes, s5 casino operates legally in the Philippines under the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) regulation. It obtained its license in 2019, ensuring a legal and regulated gambling environment.

What games does s5 casino offer?

s5 casino provides diverse gaming options, including slots, table games, live casinos, sports betting, bingo, and fishing games.

How user-friendly is s5 casino’s homepage design?

The homepage is designed to be simple and sleek, focusing on showcasing the extensive game library and promotions. The minimalistic approach aims to direct players straight to the gaming experience without overwhelming them with excessive text.

What promotions does s5 casino offer, and are they unique?

s5 casino offers a variety of promotions, including sign-up rewards, special treats, and deposit bonuses. The promotions are unique and lucrative, such as the Sun-tastic Sunday Treat, which grants players 100 free spins with a deposit.

How diverse are the payment options on s5 casino?

s5 casino provides many payment options. Players GCash, Maya, Dragonpay, BancNet, 7/11 Connect, Cliqq 7/11, MLuhillier, Lazada, ECPay, and PNB.