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Get OKGames Lucky Cashback Now!

Get OKGames Lucky Cashback Now!
Date: October 27, 2023 / Author: Dgenlord Segismundo

Get OKGames Lucky Cashback Now!


Playing online casino games this holiday season will be more thrilling and exciting because of OKBet’s lucky cashback promotion. You can now turn your OKGAmes misfortune into something special because you will be compensated up to 8% of your total losses. This promotion will run until December 31, 2023, so hurry up and don’t miss this one-of-a-kind treat specially made just for you!



Promotion Mechanics

You can enjoy 5%, 6%, 7%, and 8% rebate in this superb  promotion.


Weekly Losing AmountLose RebateMax BonusBonus Turnover
₱500 – ₱3,0005%₱1501X
₱3,001 – ₱10,0006%₱600
₱10,001 – ₱50,0007%₱3,500
₱50,001 and above8%₱50,000


How it Works

This OKGames Lucky Cashback promotion may look complicated at first. But once you understand how the mechanics work, you’ll see it’s plain and easy. Here’s an example so you can understand it further.


  • Let’s say a certain player lost a total amount of ₱15,000 in a week. he/she can now apply the weekly rebate exactly the next day. But take note, All accumulated losses must be claimed within the week. 15,000 is under the weekly losing amount from “₱10,001 – ₱50,000”, therefore his rebate is 7%. (₱15,000 X 7% = ₱1,050)
  • Another example is, a player lost a total amount of ₱70,000 in a week. he/she can apply the weekly rebate exactly the next day the same as the example above. He/she also must claim all accumulated losses within the week. ₱70,000 is under the weekly losing amount from “₱50,001 and above”, therefore his rebate is 8%. (₱70,000 X 8% = 5,600)


Promotion Requirements

To get this promotion, you must meet the requirements stated below:


  • Must be an active and verified player of OKBet through the KYC process.
  • This promotion can only apply once per week and players must amass a total of ₱500 worth of losses or above to qualify.
  • The calculator of weekly loss amount is scheduled from Monday 12:00 P.M. to Monday 11:59 A.M.
  • This promotion is only set for OKGames.
  • You must have 1x Turnover to qualify for this promotion.


Terms and Condition

Please take note of the terms and conditions before anything else to avoid future problems.


  • Take note that OKBet has the power to forfeit an account, winnings and bonuses if there is any fraudulent or suspicious activities.
  • OKBet has the right to remove any promotion at any given time upon PAGCOR’s approval.
  • OKBet will only shoulder marketing materials and prizes from ₱25 to ₱50,000.
  • OKBet terms and conditions strictly applies


How to Withdraw the Bonus Amount?

All accumulated losses shall be applied before 11:59 A.M. Monday and can be claimed on Monday 12:00 P.M. You can contact OKBet customer support for further clarification in regards to this matter.


Also, remember that promotion turnover calculations does not include, draw results, betting on both sides, voided and cancelled games.


Start the Fun!

Now that you are all set for this promotion, it’s time to start playing OKGames and start your Live Casino experience!

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