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What is OKBET Pai Gow Poker?

What is OKBET Pai Gow Poker?
Date: November 11, 2022 / Author: Maria Abelardo

Table of Contents

  • How does OKBet Pai Gow Poker work?
  • How to Win at Pai Gow Poker?
  • Pai Gow Poker Tips For Beginners
  • Ask The Dealer For Help
  • Don't split small pairs, only big ones.
  • Try out the bonus.
  • OKBET Pai Gow Poker

    What is OKBET Pai Gow Poker?

    The number has increased in recent years. OKBet Casino games based on poker have been overgrown. We call these “poker derivative games” in the business world because they are all based on 5-card poker.

    Let It Ride and Caribbean Stud was the first games based on poker to gain a lot of fans. Today, 3 Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold Em are casinos’ most popular poker games. But in my opinion, OKBet Pai Gow Poker is far and away the best poker game.

    How does OKBet Pai Gow Poker work?

    Pai Gow poker was one of the first games with a house edge played in casinos. When they first played the game in the mid-1980s. The owner of the Bell Card Club came up with it as a way to bring in new gamblers to his casino.

    OKBet Pai Gow Poker took some of the same ideas from Pai Gow and mixed them with poker. The game was a huge hit right away. Pai Gow Poker has become a must-have game in casinos all over the world, both offline and online. It is, in contrast, to Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud, and other early poker-based games that are hard to find these days.

    How to Win at Pai Gow Poker?

    OKBET Pai Gow Poker


    In OKBet Pai Gow Poker, both your top and bottom hands must beat the dealer’s top and bottom hands for you to win the hand. Both of your hands must lose to both of the dealer’s hands for you to lose. If each of you wins one hand, it’s a tie. If the top or bottom hand is tied, the tie goes to the house, and you lose.

    Pai Gow Poker Tips For Beginners

    Now that you know what Pai Gow is and how it’s played, we’ll give you some pointers for getting started in the game. So, when you sit at the table, you’ll be ready to play and comfortable.

    Learning how to play OKBet Pai Gow Poker right will help you win a lot, and we all know that when we gamble, it’s more fun to win than to lose, so make sure you use these tips to get an edge on the casino!

    Ask The Dealer For Help

    This first tip might seem obvious, but if you are playing Pai Gow, you can always ask the dealer to help you set up your hand. Pai Gow differs from blackjack and roulette because the dealer can set your writing for you. The dealer will tell you how to play a hand in blackjack, and in roulette, they may tell you their favorite numbers to bet on.

    It is excellent if you’re in a challenging situation and don’t know how to set your hand the best way. Now, putting your hand the way the house wants you to doesn’t always mean you’ll win, but if you’re stuck and don’t know what to do, ask the dealer!

    Don’t split small pairs, only big ones.

    When playing Pai Gow, having more than one pair in your hand is not uncommon. You get seven cards, so getting a couple of pairs is very likely. To win consistently, know how to play these pairs right.

    Keeping your small pairs together and splitting your more giant pairs is a great way to play aggressively and have a chance to win while also ensuring you aren’t just playing carelessly and risking losing too much.

    Try out the bonus.

    Every OKBet Pai Gow Poker table will have a way to make a bonus bet. In most casino games, the bonus bet is a bad one. But in Pai Gow Poker, the bonus bet is pretty good.

    We’ve already talked about how Pai Gow is a slower-paced game because there are a lot of pushes and the main bet only pays out at even money when you win. It makes it hard to go on a long winning streak and quickly get a lot of money.

    The bonus payouts start at three of a kind, and the highest payout is for a straight flush of seven cards. These payouts will vary from casino to casino, but for the best hands, you can often find payouts of more than 100,000. 


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