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Tournaments Duration of Online Poker

Tournaments Duration of Online Poker
Date: February 2, 2023 / Author: Maria Abelardo

Table of Contents

  • Poker Tournament Duration
  • Sit-and-Go Tournament
  • Multi-Table Tournaments
  • Turbo Poker Tournament
  • Satellite Poker Tournament
  • Rebuy Tournament
  • Conclusion
  • Tournaments Duration of Online Poker

    Tournaments Duration of Online Poker

    The duration of online poker tournament depends mainly on the structure and rules of the tournament (e.g., rebuys, time structure, stacks) and on how many people are playing.

    Tournaments give people a chance to win a lot of money for a small amount, but they can take a long time to finish. If time is essential to you, find out how long an average online poker tournament lasts before you start playing. That’s what this article is about.

    An online poker tournament is a competition where players pay a fee to join and try to win a percentage of the prize pool. Each player starts with a certain number of chips, and if they lose all of those chips, they are out of the tournament.

    Poker Tournament Duration

    The duration of an online poker tournament will depend a lot on how many people are playing, how the tournament is set up, and what kind of tournament it is.

    Sit-and-Go Tournament

    Sit-and-go tournaments have the fewest players and are the quickest to finish because of this. Depending on how they are put together, they usually take between 20 and 80 minutes to finish.

    For example, a 9-player sit-and-go poker game with 8-minute blind levels will take an average of 60–70 minutes to finish. On the other hand, a 6-player sit-and-go poker tournament with 3-minute blind levels will last an average of 20 to 25 minutes.

    Sit-and-go tournaments are the best choice if you want to play in a tournament but want to spend only some days doing it.

    Multi-Table Tournaments

    Multi-table tournaments take a lot longer and, on average, take between 4 and 8 hours. Some tournaments with more than one table go on for days. It happens in big tournament series like the SCOOP and the WCOOP.

    Not only are there more people at these events, but the tournaments tend to move more slowly, so the whole thing can take anywhere from 12 to 20 hours.

    The average duration of an online poker tournament decreases as the number of players decreases. If you play during busy times, a tournament will likely go on longer than if you play early in the morning.

    Tournaments Duration of Online Poker

    Turbo Poker Tournament

    Turbo online poker tournaments work the same method as standard online poker tournaments, but the blind levels are shorter. It means that, depending on how much faster the blind levels are, turbo tournaments can end anywhere from 50 to 75% faster than regular tournaments.

    For example, a typical tournament has blind levels that last 10 minutes, while a turbo tournament has blind levels that last 5 minutes. A hyper-turbo tournament has blind levels that last 3 minutes. It means that if the average tournament has 1,000 players and takes 6 hours to finish, the same tournament with a turbo-blind structure will only take 3 hours.

    Satellite Poker Tournament

    A satellite poker tournament is different from other tournaments in how it works. In a satellite poker tournament, the top prize is usually a ticket to a bigger poker tournament, and there is generally more than one of these tickets to win. Instead of playing to a winner, the tournament plays down until there is the same number of players as there are tickets.

    You might think that this means the tournament will be over sooner since it will end more shortly, right? Satellite tournaments often take longer than regular tournaments because players spend a long time on each hand near the bubble, hoping other players will be eliminated before they risk their stack.

    Rebuy Tournament

    In a rebuy tournament, players can still buy back into the tournament even if players have lost all of their chips. Rebuys are allowed for a certain amount of time, during which a player can rebuy as many times as they want. At the end of the rebuy time, players often have the option to “add on,” which lets them buy more chips.

    People can buy back in and add chips, which means there are many more chips in play than in a regular tournament. It means that, on average, they will take longer to finish than an online poker tournament where you can’t buy back in.


    The tournament duration is important to professionals because they want to make the most money per hour. If a tournament takes less time to finish, it may not be worth it for a professional to play. You can see that even with a lower ROI, playing more tournaments faster can lead to a higher hourly/daily win rate. Some professional poker players can make more money per hour by multi-tabling, which is the practice of playing in more than one tournament or cash game simultaneously.

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