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Top Five Reasons to Switch to Online Casino

Top Five Reasons to Switch to Online Casino
Date: December 5, 2022 / Author: TJ

Table of Contents

  • It Offers a Variety of Promotions
  • It is a Winner in Accessibility
  • Online Casino has Tons of Games to Play
  • Online Casino has an Array of Payment Methods
  • Availability 24/7
  • Conclusion
  • OKBET Top 5 reasons to switch to Online Casino

    Top Five Reasons to Switch to Online Casino

    An online casino is better than a land-based casino, and let me explain why. COVID-19 slapped us with a harsh reality — virtual is the new norm.


    OKBET Top 5 reasons to switch to Online Casino


    Gambling has been around since ancient times. But upon observing, it dawned on me that casino games and casinos have one thing in common: they constantly change.

    Poker, for example, throughout its creation, only had three variations, namely community card poker, draw poker, and stud poker. But as the years passed, as cultures evolved and technology progressed, so did this card game. There are at least 13 types, including Texas Holdem, Seven-Card Stud, Chinese Poker, and more, since its invention in the United States in the early 19th century.

    Humans have been a fan of brick-and-mortar gambling houses. Please don’t assume it is our fault, especially if this makes the experience lifelike. But if Covid-19 taught us one thing, it is that people can adapt, and digitalization is definitely one way to go.

    In casinos, going virtual is also imminent. And in the past year, online casinos have flourished thanks to features that regular casinos do not have.

    We listed here the top five reasons gambling online should be considered:

    It Offers a Variety of Promotions

    Because the online gambling market is relatively new, legal operators look for ways to attract as many clients as possible. To do that, coming up with various promotions and bonuses are ideal strategies to increase the business’ customer base.

    Deals like birthday bonuses, an “inviting a friend” reward, and no deposit bonus, among others, were the most deals you can find in almost all online casinos. Operators even entice potential players by giving them free spins on certain games once in a while.

    It is a Winner in Accessibility

    By patronizing online casinos, you can gamble anytime, anywhere. You only need your phone or laptop and a stable internet connection. 

    Compared to virtual casinos, brick-and-mortar casinos need your actual presence to play. There will also be a need to set aside an additional budget for travel expenses, accommodation, food, etc. But if you play online, you may as well just lay on your couch and in your house clothes.

    Moreover, online gambling in the Philippines is legal. Filipinos can access offshore online casinos as long as the sites they visit have licenses from the Philippine Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

    Online Casino has Tons of Games to Play

    Unlike in a casino, virtual gambling houses can add more games to their services. You don’t need to stick to a single game if you have hundreds of options.

    The downside of waiting for a seat at a gaming table ceased to exist in online casinos. So if you want to play baccarat or blackjack at a virtual table, you need to click the game and wait for it to load.

    Also, casinos do not have the demo mode feature. Online casinos allow new players to try and practice a particular game first, familiarizing the game’s mechanics. Try and do that in a physical casino, and you will lose money in no time.

    Online Casino has an Array of Payment Methods

    When gambling in an actual casino, you only have limited options for paying. There are only four ways: credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, or cash. But if you switch to an online casino, the top reason is that the payment method is, figuratively speaking, unlimited.

    Since transactions are wireless, any available cashless methods are accepted. This include but is not limited to the following:

    • Quick transfers
    • Cryptocurrency
    • VISA credit card and Electron card
    • Debit or credit cards
    • Paypal, Gcash, and other digital wallets
    • MasterCard
    • Amex
    • Google and Apple pay

    See, there are tons of available methods for you to pay and play. What’s more important is that these transactions, although digital, are 100% safe. Just make sure that the online casino that you choose to visit is a legal one.

    Availability 24/7

    Physical casinos have limited operating time. Compared to gambling houses operating on the Internet, its availability is almost always 24/7. 

    A stable internet connection is required, and you can play anytime, anywhere. You no longer have to check the casino’s closing time. Just make sure that you are gambling responsibly.

    To add, we have reached the digital era, and with people getting acclimated to using digital platforms, the online casino market has become popular as of late.


    Online gambling is rocketing, and mentioned above are the top five reasons it is the new norm. Please take note, however, that it all depends on your preference.

    Some like the idea of experiencing the thrill of playing in an actual casino, while others would rather stay at home and access a casino on the go. But our options have increased because we are now in the digital era.

    But if you are unlucky in a physical casino, try your luck at an authorized online gambling site like OKBet, but always win and play responsibly.

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