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OKBET Dream Catcher Casino Guide and Strategies

OKBET Dream Catcher Casino Guide and Strategies
Date: October 3, 2022 / Author: OKBET

Table of Contents

  • What is the foundation of the Dream Catcher approach?
  • Strategy on Playing Dream Catcher
  • How to Win at Dream Catcher: Tips and Tricks
  • OKBET Dream Catcher - OKBET live casino

    OKBET Dream Catcher Casino Guide and Strategies

    It doesn’t beat this in terms of the OKBet live casino, the presentation of the game show, the animated emcee, and the spinning wheel overflowing with prizes. But Dream Catcher’s casino strategy is what makes the game thrilling.

    There is some approach you can use for this game. Additionally, some betting strategies will work better for specific players. You might want to use the multiplier segments. Or perhaps you would instead proceed with caution. Below, you may find some of the most used game strategies, along with some helpful hints.

    What is the foundation of the Dream Catcher approach?

    When you play OKBet Dream Catcher, you are betting your money on chance, which is the foundation for most live casino games. Of course, Lady Luck and the element of chance also play a role.

    The money wheel is the perfect game to use our concept because it allows for multiple approaches while still producing good outcomes. The paytable for the game and your return as a player are shown below. 

    The Paytable

    What does it mean for your game that there are 40 spots on the wheel? How evenly are the numbers spread across the wheel? And how much will you win if you pick a certain number?

    Check out our paytable, which transparently has all of this information. And this is like gold dust for our OKBet Dream Catcher game strategy.

    It will give you an edge over other players who might not be as ready as you, and it will assist you with choosing where to place your bets.

    Return to Player (RTP)

    The best RTP for Dream Catcher Live is 96.58%. This number depends on how much money you can win from a game is 50,000,000. The average RTP for online casino games is 96%, so the Dream Catcher is slightly above this. 

    Knowing what these numbers and the RTP mean for you is vital. We can quickly dispel the idea that this is what you will get every time you play the game.

    These numbers are based on billions of spins. And the average is found by taking the sum of all the numbers. The RTP will be rewarded players over a more extended timeframe, not in that frame of mind round. It implies that you might, in any case, lose a bit, win a bit, win a great deal, or equal the initial investment.

    Strategy on Playing Dream Catcher

    Below is the strategy on how to win in OKBet Dream Catcher.

    OKBET Dream Catcher - OKBET online casino

    Strategy #1: Spreading Out

    With this method, the 2x and 7x multiplier segments are used. You can only bet on the 5, 10, 20, and 40 elements during each betting round. How come?

    With this plan, you’re covering the best places to make money. And if you get a multiplier, you’ll have a good chance of getting that big win.

    Strategy #2: Slow and steady.

    For this method, we focus on the 1 and 2 segments. Betting on these numbers gives you a massive amount of wheel coverage. The game wheel for Dream Catcher has 54 different sections. And if you only bet on segments 1 and 2, you cover 38 of them. More than half of the wheel!

    Strategy #3: All or Nothing

    This method is like going to a casino and putting all your chips on a single-number bet. You don’t do anything but focus on the 20 and 40 segments.

    How to Win at Dream Catcher: Tips and Tricks

    Here are the best tips from our experts that we can give you. You might think these are easy, and a lot of it is just common sense. Yet, it’s critical to utilize sound judgment when gambling. We play Dream Catcher a lot, so trust us and remember these tips to improve your game.

    Use one of the above ideas.

    Pick the Dream Catcher casino strategy that fits your way of playing. Online casinos do make a lot of money, and it’s all because players don’t use and stick to a sound system.

    Make a plan for the money.

    We’ve all been there, getting ready to play our favorite game and getting excited. We told ourselves that we would only play with “X” amount of Rupees today. As the game continues, the fun level goes up, and before you know it, you’ve lost more than “X” and are out of money.

    Don’t play when you’re up.

    Know when to stop playing, and do so responsibly, accepting that your actions determine whether you win or lose. Stop while you’re ahead because you could soon start losing.


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