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Most Successful Gamblers in Casino History

Most Successful Gamblers in Casino History
OkBet Most Successful Gamblers in Casino History

Gamblers seek fortune, but only a few have become the most successful bunch. In fact, most casino players (traditional or online) is either drowning in debt or are still hoping to hit that jackpot and become a multimillionaire.

Due to the desire to win and recuperate their losses, most gamblers had gambling problems rather than finding success. This is why regulated casinos ensure that their clients’ welfare is taken care of, to avoid losing clients—and their licenses.

It is also not just about the luck or their skills are the reasons for their success. Handling finances also play a vital role in becoming one of the most successful gamblers in history.

Many who were given a chance to change their lives have wasted such an opportunity by spending their winnings on luxury items and living an extravagant life.

But not everyone is itching to waste all their winnings on ridiculous things like luxury cars, mansions, and even helicopters. A few gamblers have found the secret to keeping themselves successful throughout their gambling journey.

OkBet Most Successful Gamblers in Casino History

From Poker to Presidency

Former United States President Richard Nixon could not have been part of history without his flare for playing table games, specifically poker.

A lieutenant back when he was still a member of the US Navy, Nixon’s spare time was allocated to playing poker. In fact, he was so good at it that when he returned to the States after World War II, he had thousands of dollars that helped him with his political run in 1946.

Without his poker skills, Nixon could not have had enough resources to fund his election campaign and eventually become the President of the United States.

Cheaters Sometimes Become Winners

There is a saying that “cheaters never prosper.” But Edward Thorpe challenged such a quote.

Thorpe became one of the most successful gamblers in history by cheating. Using mathematical calculations in all his gambling activities, he accumulated thousands of dollars.

Casinos cannot implicate Thorpe, especially when he puts on disguises whenever he frequents a  gambling site. He also allegedly committed a number of frauds.

But instead of getting arrested or sued, gambling companies employed the cheating genius to prevent future cheaters from exploiting their casinos.

Phil is Such a Lucky Name

Any fan of poker knows about the prestigious tournament World Series of Poker (WSOP), and they will never forget the names Phil Helmut and Phil Ivey.

Helmut is one of the faces of WSOP after winning 16 gold bracelets in his career as a professional poker player, stapling himself as one of the greatest players that sat on the table.

Moreover, his antics are not easily forgotten. He once sat down at a table cosplaying Star Wars villain, Darth Vader.

Ivey also sits at the top of the professional poker world because of his extraordinary intelligence in the game. He had highlighted hundreds of the near-impossible best bluffs in poker history.

His success in the game was rooted in his extraordinary ability to confuse not only his opponents, but also the audience.

Ivey is the type of player that can act as if nothing happened and then surprise opponents with a bluff.

Success Should Be Capitalized and Shared 

Gamblers should consider Bill Benter as an inspiration on how money earned at gambling be spent.

Benter is one of the most successful gamblers due to his ability to turn his love for gambling into a business. As one of the most fortunate horse racing bettors, he developed a software that is now being used to make the most accurate analysis of the races.

Not only that but the fortune he made funded his philanthropic activities.

It’s in the Blood

Titanic Thompson is known worldwide as a golfer and a hustler, traveling America to bet on dice games, golf, shooting, billiards, and any betting offers he came up with.

His love for gambling stemmed from his family, who were also gamblers. Since he was young, Thompson considered everything a dare.

His love to take risks garnered positive results since he now becomes one of the wealthiest individuals. The only difference between him and others is that he had no profession yet was incredibly wealthy.

In conclusion, gambling can open up many possibilities if given dedication, and most importantly, restrictions. The names mentioned above did not waste their winnings, but instead, use them to keep their prosperous status. After all, they fought tooth and nail to get to where they are.

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