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Learn to Play Live Blackjack in the Philippines

Learn to Play Live Blackjack in the Philippines
Date: December 16, 2022 / Author: Noelyn Espinosa

Table of Contents

  • What is Live Blackjack
  • Live Blackjack Games
  • Rules for Live Blackjack
  • OKBET live blackjack

    Learn to Play Live Blackjack in the Philippines

    You can search for many different things in live Blackjack in the Philippines. While playing a game of live Blackjack is always a lot of fun, it is advised that you play the live game in our live casino for the best experience. After that, you’ll enjoy the same delightful ambiance as you would if you went to a real land-based casino. You can play genuine Blackjack at real tables with dealers who will talk to you and the other players. You receive a real blackjack experience using a high-quality video, with the added comfort of enjoying it wherever you are.

    What is Live Blackjack

    Live blackjack is a real-time casino game, as the name would imply. Because you can watch the action unfold in real-time, these games are called “live.” The outcomes do not result from random number generators (RNG). Instead, actual dealers deal and mix the cards in unique gaming studios. To put it another way, this is an live-action game.

    Live Blackjack Games

    There is still plenty to be enthusiastic about when it comes to living blackjack games, and new, intriguing games are regularly released. The games where you can play live Blackjack are listed below.

    OKBET live blackjack

    1. Blackjack Party

    One of the more distinctive live dealer blackjack games in the Philippines is Blackjack Party from Evolution Gaming. It has an unlimited number of players and two dealers.

    2. Prestige Blackjack

    A thrilling addition to Playtech’s live dealer “Prestige” series, which also includes baccarat and roulette games, is Prestige Blackjack. Five high-definition cameras create an immersive experience with various dynamic viewpoints.

    3. Infinite Blackjack

    Another well-liked blackjack version from Evolution Gaming is Infinite Blackjack. Like Blackjack Party, it allows an unlimited number of players to join a single table. Still, it also adds a sophisticated flair by changing the music and colors for a touch of understated elegance.

    4. Blitz Blackjack

    In addition to Common Draw Blackjack, NetEnt has released a second infinite blackjack game. The main distinctions here are that Blitz Blackjack is tailored to low-stakes players and is semi-branded to each casino.

    5. Speed Blackjack

    Speed Blackjack performs just as it is described. This game is ideal for you if you don’t like to hang out. But don’t imagine you’ll be forced to make decisions immediately. In essence, players can choose to hit or stand at any time rather than choosing their actions in order from left to right.

    Rules for Live Blackjack

    Most of the live blackjack games available in the Philippines adhere to the game’s fundamental principles. Before you play with real money, you should be aware of some of these factors.

    Dealer Rules

    The dealer may always hit or stick at 16 in various games.


    After receiving your first two cards, you may occasionally be able to increase your wager.

    Split Aces

    It can typically be split into two hands if you are dealt a pair, creating two hands. Usually, this is not the case with aces.


    Players can purchase insurance against a dealer blackjack if the dealer’s up card is an ace.

    Side Bets

    Although each side bet is unique, they allow players to place an additional wager on top of the primary game.

    These selections do not affect the game’s primary rules. They only impact how the player or dealer may behave in predetermined circumstances. In the end, in all live blackjack variations, your goal is to outscore the dealer without going over 21.

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