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How to Play Slingo Games All you Need to Know

How to Play Slingo Games All you Need to Know
Date: October 3, 2022 / Author: OKBET

Table of Contents

  • What is Slingo?
  • Best Slingo Games in 2022
  • Slingo Bonuses
  • Bonus Codes for Slingo
  • Payouts in Slingo Games
  • How to Play Slingo Games - All you Need to know

    How to Play Slingo Games All you Need to Know

    Slingo is a thrilling online hybrid game with a 5×5 bingo-style card and one set of reels beneath it that combines the most excellent slot and bingo aspects. These games are playable on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices in OKBet casino and include:

    • Interactive gameplay.
    • The ability to purchase additional spins to activate bonus games.
    • The potential to win actual cash rewards.

    This page will serve as your dedicated Slingo guide, whether you want to learn how to play them or learn more about these multifaceted online games. Our casino experts reveal all they know about Slingo slots, including how to get started and Slingo promotions and recent releases.

    What is Slingo?

    Slingo variations, created by Originals, are now a well-liked category of real money online games among many slot gamers. The use of bingo mechanics in Slingo slots is their most distinctive and ingenious feature. You mark off matching numbers on your interactive 55 bingo card using a 1-reel random number generator to play and win at the bottom of your grid. In the same vein as bingo, but with the addition of win lines or “Slingos.”

    Even if you’ve never played Slingo slots before, getting started is simple if you stick to the precise instructions below:

    1. Check out the paytable first. You will gain from familiarizing yourself with the game’s paylines, special symbols, and which symbols and when to expect extra features to activate.
    2. After reviewing the paytable, place your bets. Choose a wager that fits your budget from a selection of stakes.
    3. Press the spin or roll button to start the bottom reel spinning and generating random numbers. Any numbers that match your grid will immediately be crossed off. Your primary goal is to complete as many vertical, horizontal, or diagonal Slingo (win lines).
    4. Use your wilds wisely because this is the time when you could hit many Slingos. In addition, landing three or more jokers or super jokers may result in quick payouts depending on the game. The Devil, a blocking sign, is one to watch out for because it will prevent any potential matches from occurring in the grid, resulting in an empty spin.
    5. After you’ve exhausted all of your free spins, you can purchase more to keep spinning. The spin button will display the cost of your upcoming spin. You can either stop playing and collect your winnings or continue using your real money cash balance.

    Best Slingo Games in 2023

    How to Play Slingo Games

    We’ve chosen these top five games among the many Slingo websites online that allow you to play for real money to get your Slingo experience off to the perfect start. The ideal introduction to Slingo slots is that they are simple and entertaining to play.

    GameReturn to Player Percentage
    Monopoly Slingo98% rtp
    Slingo Rainbow Riches97% rtp
    Slingo Deal or No Deal96% rtp
    Slingo Fortunes95% rtp
    Slingo Centurion95% rtp

    Slingo Bonuses

    While playing slots is enjoyable, playing them with bonuses is even more so. Since we’ve listed some of the most well-liked introductory promotions at Slingo casinos, if you’re a new player, keep an eye out for these offers when you’re ready for Slingo.

    Matching Deposit Bonuses

    New players love the deposit match bonuses at Slingo sites.

    Slingo Bonus No Deposit

    The Slingo no deposit bonuses are just as thrilling; these bonuses can be claimed without having to deposit any real money.

    Bonus Codes for Slingo

    Slingo bonus codes are another well-liked method of obtaining some nice prizes. Watch out for websites like that feature these unique bonus codes in their welcome offer.

    Payouts in Slingo Games

    Payouts in Slingo games may differ depending on the return to player (RTP) percentage established at various online casinos. Most of the time, you’ll find games with an RTP of 95% or above, regarded as the industry standard for slot machines. However, as more slots are produced, the average has been rising and presently boasts an RTP of at least 96%.

    Slingo slots have developed from low variance social games to highly lucrative real money games. The Who Wished to Be a Millionaire Slingo game shows that a Full House can bring you anything from 20x to 10,000x your stake.

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