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How to Play Crazy Time Live in Casino Philippines

How to Play Crazy Time Live in Casino Philippines
Date: November 23, 2022 / Author: Maria Abelardo

Table of Contents

  • How to Win Crazy Time?
  • Crazy Time Live Casino Strategies
  • Tips for Crazy Time Live Casino
  • OKBET Crazy Time

    How to Play Crazy Time Live in Casino Philippines

    OKBet Crazy Time is a live game show with a 54-segment wheel with eight potential wagers. The game contains four numbered bets, each with its number of accessible spaces and bets rewards, as well as four bonus games that add to the table’s excitement.

    The Top Slot feature further enhances the game, spins a set of two reels to add special win multipliers to numbered wagers, or improves one of the four possible bonus games.

    How to Win Crazy Time?

    To win Crazy Time, you must correctly guess where the wheel will stop after the spin. You may wager on up to eight places, with payments based on where the ball falls.

    The one space is the safest wager since it appears the most often on the roulette wheel (21) and pays the lowest reward (1:1). The wager with the most significant payoff is a bet on the number 10, which pays 10:1 and occurs only four times on the wheel.

    In addition, a reel spun above the wheel after each to reveal one of the eight spots. And a multiplier added to all winning values after the spin. If the multiplier applied to a bonus game, winnings during the bonus game multiplied by the multiplier’s amount. 


    • A wager of 5 is put on the number 1.
    • The spinning reel displays a one and a 3x multiplier.
    • Then, the wheel is spun and stops on one slot.
    • The reward for a victory is 1:1, or ten times three, for 30 returned after the round.

    Crazy Time Live Casino Strategies

    OKBET Crazy Time

    You’ll find that the methods below will help you in improving your crazy live casino experience.

    Bonus Game 

    Everyone enjoys a bonus game, which is this method’s top priority. Place wagers entirely on the four bonus games of any denomination to ensure that you never miss out on a win. Keep in mind that there is an in each bonus game varied number of eligible segments on the board, allowing you to adjust your wagers on each bonus game depending on the segment’s likelihood of winning. The Coin Flip extra feature appears four times on the wheel, but the Crazy Time bonus only appears once.

    Playing it Safe

    This approach ignores the bonus game squares entirely and wagering on the accessible numbered spaces. It is one of the safest strategies due to the number of numbered slots on the roulette wheel, with number 1 alone comprising 21 available segments. In all, 45 of the 54 segments of the roulette wheel are numbered, indicating that the odds of selecting a winning number are relatively high.

    Crazy Time Martingale

    The Martingale is one of the most prevalent Roulette strategies, so popular that a variation for Crazy Time has been created. You choose your bets, and with every loss, you maintain the same betting strategy but double the bet values. This OKBet strategy’s premise is that you will recover all your losses when you win.

    Tips for Crazy Time Live Casino

    Below are some tips for you to win in OKBet Crazy Time. 

    Start small

    Begin with tiny wagers to learn the game’s rules and explore without the danger of losing more significant amounts.

    Divide your wagers

    Once you are comfortable with the game’s fundamentals, consider spreading your wagers over numerous spaces and putting bets on bonus games.

    Different bets have different odds.

    Keep in mind that various wagers have varying odds of success. With the most occurrences on the wheel, the one space has the best probability of winning, while the Crazy Time bet has the lowest likelihood with just one event.

    Multipliers may contribute to bonuses.

    Keep a watch on the bonus multipliers for each round, as they might raise the overall gain on a wager or improve the bonus game’s values.

    Set restrictions

    As with any casino game, establishing limitations is essential to ensure the experience is always enjoyable. Set spending limits to guarantee you don’t spend more than you can comfortably afford. Visit our broad selection of Responsible Gambling Tools for further information.


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