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How to Play Big Six Casino Wheel?

How to Play Big Six Casino Wheel?
Date: November 7, 2022 / Author: Maria Abelardo

Table of Contents

  • How to Play Big Six Casino Wheel?
  • Strategy for the Big Six Wheel
  • Well-known words and Fun Facts
  • OKBET Big Six Casino Wheel

    How to Play Big Six Casino Wheel?

    Big Six Casino Wheel, also called “Big Six,” is a popular OKBet casino game that many people in the Philippines have seen on the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune.”

    Big Six Casino Wheel is a game based on a spinning wheel with a set of numbers or symbols, as the name suggests. The wheel is made up of equal parts that are separated by spokes. You can find a rubber or leather-like flexible piece at the top of the vertical wheel. That rubs against the spokes to slow the wheel down until it stops. The winner is the person whose number or symbol is on the segment where the wheel stops. 

    How to Play Big Six Casino Wheel?

    OKBET Big Six Casino Wheel

    A table or board set up before the wheel for betting. A square or slot shows each section of the wheel. Players put 1 on the slot or court for the segment they want to bet on. Most casinos, like OKBet, let players bet on more than one segment per spin, but each piece can’t be worth more than 1. The wheel is turned after everyone has placed their bets. The most important thing is to monitor house edge, which is usually the lowest on low-value bets. Because the odds are best on 1 and 2 bets, players who want to win a lot tend to stick to lower segments.

    Strategy for the Big Six Wheel

    OKBet Big Six Casino Wheel is not a game of skill; it isn’t much you can do to get the upper hand in strategy. When betting on the Big Six Casino Wheel, the odds tell you everything you need to know. If you want to make money, it will make sense to bet on the segments with the highest odds. The safest bet for you is on a one-slot machine since it has a high chance of paying off. Also, the house edge is the lowest for the one spot, so you keep most of your winnings.

    People who play Big Six Wheel will often try to figure out how many times the wheel will spin before it stops. If they do this, they can pretty accurately guess where the wheel will stop each time it turns. Most of the time, the dealer will change how they spin the wheel to give players different outcomes and to avoid being predictable. So that no two spins are the same, they may change the speed regardless of which hand they use to turn the wheel or even with each turn. In this way, no strategy will give you an edge, so Big Six Casino Wheel is primarily a game of luck.

    Well-known words and Fun Facts

    • Dice Wheel is a game that is similar to Big Six, but it is a little bit harder. The OKBet wheel will have 52 to 54 sections, each with a different combination of three six-sided dice. The players bet on the numbers 1–6 and get paid out based on how many times that number shows up on the dice. For example, if a player bets on 6. A set of three dice with six sides would pay out the most.
    • Big Six also comes in the form of the Mississippi Derby Wheel. Instead of using money or dice, symbols of horses are used. The bettor selects a horse to wager on. There are usually only six horses to choose from. And like on the other types of wheels, the number of each horse changes. Again, in the long run. The key to making money is to select sections with the highest chance of and the lowest house edge showing up.
    • Dealers tend to change how hard they spin the wheel from round to round, so it’s hard to know where the pointer will stop each time. Random number generators are used for online Big Six wheels so that they won’t develop patterns either. People often think that if they watch the wheel long enough. They can figure out the way and guess what number will come next.


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