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How to Play 4-Card Poker in OkBet Casino Live

How to Play 4-Card Poker in OkBet Casino Live

Table of Contents

  • How to Play 4-Card Poker
  • Player vs. Dealer - Ante Wager
  • Paytable vs. Player - Aces Up Bet
  • Four Card Poker Payouts for an Aces-Up Bet
  • How to Play 4-Card Poker in OKBET Casino Live - OKBET 4 card poker

    OkBet 4-Card Poker is a fun way to play poker that lets you play against the dealer head-to-head and add a bonus bet if you want to. There are three ways to play four-card poker. The player can bet against the dealer, against the paytable, or both the dealer and the paytable.

    In Four-Card Poker, players choose the best four cards out of the five, while the dealer chooses the best four out of the six.

    How to Play 4-Card Poker

    The main difference between this game and Three Card Poker is that the dealer always qualifies, and players can bet from one to three times their Ante bet.

    The Ante bet is made to compete against the dealer. And the Aces Up bet is created to compete against the pay table.

    Each player gets five cards to put together the best 4-Card Poker hand. The dealer receives six cards, one of which is turned over and has to make the best four-card hand possible.

    The players then choose whether to play or fold. The Play bet can be anywhere from 1 to 3 times the Ante bet.

    When the dealer shows his hand, each player can compare it to their own. If the player’s hand beats the dealer’s or ties with it, the Play and Ante bets are paid out at even money.

    When a player has three of a sort or better, regardless of whether or not it beats the dealer’s hand, an Automatic Bonus is paid on all Ante bets.

    The Aces Up side bet pays off when the player has a couple of Aces or better.

    How to Play 4-Card Poker in OKBET Casino Live - OKBET online poker

    Player vs. Dealer – Ante Wager

    The Ante is a bet that the player’s four cards will be stronger than the dealer’s four cards. A second bet, called the Play Bet, is made if the player looks at their hand and thinks it can beat the dealers. The Play Bet must be between one and three times the Ante. When you win with the Ante or the Play, you get paid 1 to 1. Ties go to the player.

    When playing against the dealer, the player’s goal is to make a four-card poker hand higher than or the same as the dealer’s. The best four cards dealt to each player are used, while the best four of the six cards sold to the dealer are used. The player should make an Ante bet to play against the dealer.

    Paytable vs. Player – Aces Up Bet

    An Aces Up bet aims to get a pair of Aces or a better hand. The player wins the Aces Up bet if their hand has a couple of Aces or better. Aces Up payout to the players no matter the dealer’s hand. Here’s how much the Aces Up bet pays out:

    Four Card Poker Payouts for an Aces-Up Bet

    Four of a Kind 50 to 1
    Straight Flush 40 to 1
    Three-of-a-kind 8 to 1
    Flush 5 to 1
    Two Pairs 3 to 1
    Pair of Aces 1 to 1

    Both Aces Up and Ante Wagers are being played.

    When a player bets on both Aces Up and Ante (including play), they are playing against two different paytables with different rules for payouts:

    Ante’s goal is to get a four-card poker hand that beats the dealer’s best four-card hand.

    Aces Up object to get at least a pair of Aces.

    If a player makes an Ante bet and an Aces Up bet but doesn’t make a Play bet, they lose their Ante bet but not their Aces Up bet.

    Bets that you can make

    • If you bet Ante, you can only play against the dealer.
    • Bet “Aces Up” to see how the value of your hand compares to the paytable.
    • Bet “Aces Up” and “Ante” to play against the dealer and the value of your hand.


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