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How to Increase Winnings and Reduce Losses in E-Sabong?

How to Increase Winnings and Reduce Losses in E-Sabong?
Date: September 23, 2022 / Author: OKBET

Table of Contents

  • Pick the chicken with the best series of wins.
  • Look at the rooster's posture and movements.
  • Pay heed to the announcers' roosters' statistics.
  • More to online betting
  • How to Increase Winnings and Reduce Losses in E-Sabong? - OKBET online e-sabong

    How to Increase Winnings and Reduce Losses in E-Sabong?

    E-Sabong, or cockfighting, has been a popular sport and tradition in the country for thousands of years. Incredibly, this kind of fighting has been around for so long. But in the last ten years, the world of cockfighting has become more digital.

    With online sabong or E-Sabong, you can now place bets from anywhere. OKBet E-Sabong works the same way as traditional cockfighting. Each match is a battle between two roosters who want to be the best. The crowd’s favorite is called an “Ilamado,” and the underdog is called a “dejado.”

    You can’t always bet on the winning gamefowl, but if you play smart, you can increase your chances. Looking for tips to help maximize your earnings and decrease losses when playing E-Sabong? Check out the answer below. 

    How to Increase Winnings and Reduce Losses in E-Sabong? - OKBET live cockfighting

    Pick the chicken with the best series of wins.

    Luckily, you can get a feeling of how gifted a gamefowl warrior is by playing e-sabong. The patterns of a live cockfight have circles of different varieties towards the base.

    The red circle addresses the number of triumphs, or meron, while the blue process addresses the number of losses or wala. The quantity of draw battles is displayed in the yellow ring. To know which gamefowls to be on in approaching matches, see anything that tone overwhelms the pattern’s region.

    Look at the rooster’s posture and movements.

    Bettors and the rest of the group will have the chance to view and judge which gamefowl is superior before the combat starts. Similar to how roosters are shown in the ring before a match. It is for the benefit of the spectators.

    See how they use their mouth, fly, and hop. Dissect their solidarity, endurance, and skill too. Since you want to be aware that the gamefowl can still compete despite suffering injuries, stamina is crucial.

    It would be best if you likewise analyzed the roosters’ feathers. A gamefowl that is glossy indicates that it is well-fed and cared for. A rooster that isn’t very glossy has likely engaged in combat in the past. It could be challenging for it to win, given its history.

    Pay heed to the announcers’ roosters’ statistics.

    There are announcers in e-sabong just like there are in real cockfighting. They essentially provide commentary on the battle, which uplifts the strain.

    The reporters give insights into the contending gamefowls before the actual contest starts. These comprise victories, defeats, draws, and current weight. It’s advisable to wager on a team with a solid winning history.

    More to online betting

    There are several prospects for financial gain because e-sabong is accessible to individuals worldwide. The money in e-sabong isn’t simply placed on the victorious rooster. Raising robust gamefowl ready for combat in the arena may earn you a lot of money.

    You need to provide exceptional roosters with the proper living conditions to raise them. They should be permitted to act as chickens normally would. It would be best to safeguard them from potential injury and predators simultaneously. To keep a close eye on your hens, you must buy high-quality range nets.


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