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Helpful Tips to Win in Live Online Sabong

Helpful Tips to Win in Live Online Sabong
Date: December 9, 2022 / Author: Maria Abelardo

Table of Contents

  • Pick the rooster with the track record of more wins
  • Look at the rooster's form and how it moves
  • Pay attention to the stats the announcers give about the roosters
  • More than just online gambling
  • Helpful Tips to Win in Live Online Sabong

    Live Online Sabong, or cockfighting, has been a famous sport and tradition in the country for thousands of years. It’s fantastic that this fighting has been around for so long. But in the last ten years, the world of cockfighting has become more digital.

    With live online sabong or eSabong, you can place bets from anywhere, like OKBet. Online sabong works the same way as traditional cockfighting. Each match is a battle between two roosters who want to be the best. The crowd’s favorite is called an “Ilamado,” and the underdog is called a “dejado.”

    You can’t always bet on the winning gamefowl, but if you play smart, you can increase your chances. Here are tips that will help you win big at online sabong:

    Pick the rooster with the track record of more wins

    Thanks to OKBet online sabong, you can see how tough the gamefowl is. At the bottom of a live cockfight is a ” Trends ” section with circles of different colors.

    The number of wins, written as meron, is in the red circle. The number of losses, written as wala, is in the blue process. The number of draws is in the yellow process. It would be best to look at the trends section to see which gamefowls to bet on in upcoming games.

    Look at the rooster’s form and how it moves

    OKBET Online Sabong

    Before the fight starts, bettors and the rest of the crowd will be able to see the birds and decide which is the best. It is like how the audience sees roosters in the ring before the pandemic.

    Look at how they fly, how they jump, and how they use their beaks. It would benefit if you also looked at how fast, strong, and hard they are. The gamefowl’s stamina is essential because you need to know if it can still compete despite being hurt.

    Also, it would benefit if you looked at the feathers on the roosters. A well-fed and well-cared-for game bird will be shiny. A rooster that isn’t too shiny has been in fights before. Because of its past, it might be hard for it to win.

    Pay attention to the stats the announcers give about the roosters

    Like traditional cockfighting, OKBet online sabong has announcers. They talk about the fight, which makes it more exciting.

    Before the actual match starts, the announcers talk about the gamefowl’s stats. It includes wins, losses, and draws, as well as their current weight. Bet on the one that has a good track record of winning.

    More than just online gambling

    People worldwide can play OKBet online sabong, which means there are many ways to make money. But the money in online sabong isn’t just caused by betting on which rooster will win. You can make money if you raise game birds that are strong enough to fight in the arena.

    To raise top-notch roosters, you need to give them the right place to live. They need to be able to act like chickens, which is what they have meant to do. At the same time, you need to keep them safe from harm and dangerous animals. You will need to buy high-quality ranging nets to monitor your chickens closely.

    At Philippine Ranging Nets, we specialize in making chicken nets that are strong and cheap so that you can take the best care of your game birds. 


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