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Esports’ Biggest Events in 2023

Esports’ Biggest Events in 2023
Date: January 31, 2023 / Author: Maria Abelardo

Table of Contents

  • Esports Events in 2023
  • Dota 2 The International
  • BLAST Paris Major
  • 2023 LoL Worlds
  • VCT Champions
  • 2023 RLCS World Championship
  • Biggest Mobile Esports Events in 2023
  • PUBG Mobile Global Championship
  • Conclusion
  • Esports' Biggest Events in 2023

    Esports’ Biggest Events in 2023

    It takes work to point in one direction and say the biggest esports event of 2023. What gives? Well, the world of competitive esports is constantly changing, and new events are being planned all the time. But we should look at the most prominent esports teams and consider their most significant events.

    Most of the most popular things that have happened in the past will happen again this year. Some of them have even been talked about. If you want to know how to bet on esports in 2023 or what you can watch this year, the two lists below will help you.

    Esports Events in 2023

    Conventional esports (tournaments on desktops or consoles) are still the main attraction, but the growing popularity of mobile esports is sure to shake the industry to its core. For now, let’s look at the best desktop-based esports competitions in 2023:

    Dota 2 The International

    Online betting sites for esports always have a special place for Internationals. It’s not surprising since we’re talking about some money-making events. Even though competitive Dota 2 is getting less popular, the most significant event is still there to improve things.

    We only know that it will happen (somewhere) and that 18 people will participate. The format should be the same as or very similar to last year’s TI, so that part won’t be a surprise.

    BLAST Paris Major

    That’s right: This year, BLAST will hold its first-ever CSGO Major Championship. The event is called Paris Major, and it will start on May 8. There are 24 teams, the usual Major format, and the prize pool is slightly higher than you might think. The BLAST Paris Major will have $1.25 million instead of $1 million.

    The winner will not only get $500,000, but they will also get an invite to the IEM Cologne 2023 show. But winning the Major isn’t just about cash prizes and invitations. It’s a big event, the biggest in the competitive CSGO scene. Every professional player wants to win the Major, which is why it’s always been seen as the most important tournament in the game’s competitive scene.

    2023 LoL Worlds

    We must remember the League of Legends World Championship when discussing the most significant esports events in 2023. The whole competitive season of League of Legends is essential, but nothing beats the charm and popularity of Worlds.

    Last year’s plan to go to four cities worked out very well. We have yet to learn much about this year’s version, though. We can be sure, though, that it will start in September or October.

    VCT Champions

    It didn’t take long for Valorant to become one of the largest esports franchises in the world. Even though many people didn’t believe it at first, the Valorant esports scene has shown that it can compete with the biggest franchises.

    The VCT Champions event has a lot to do with that. The one from last year was terrific. From start to finish, the Volkswagen Arena in Istanbul was full of people and had an inspiring vibe. The VCT Champions event is sure to be even better this year.

    We still need solid details about the event, which is a shame. But after the Sao Paulo Lock-In event ends in early March, we should know more about it.

    Esports' Biggest Events in 2023

    2023 RLCS World Championship

    Even though Rocket League isn’t as popular as it used to be, there is still an esports scene. The RLCS World Championship for 2022/23 has already been set. Since we know everything, let’s get right to it:

    The big date is August 4. That’s when the biggest Rocket League esports event of this year will start. At this event, 24 teams are scheduled to perform, but we still need a single officially qualified name. Still, it’s not a big surprise since we still have two Majors to go.

    Biggest Mobile Esports Events in 2023

    Now, let’s look at the most important mobile-related events happening this year:

    M4 World Championship

    Mobile Legends is becoming a name everyone knows in mobile esports. We’re looking at one of the games of this type that is growing the fastest, with a huge audience and a lot of money in the prize pool. The M4 World Championship started on January 1 and was supposed to end on January 15.

    In the M4 World Championship, the 16 best teams compete for $800,000 in prize money. The top prize is $300,000, which is a huge amount for an MLBB event. Mobile esports fans should be happy with this one as far as 2023 esports events go. It’s already up and running, and you can bet on many esports games. Good luck!

    PUBG Mobile Global Championship

    The PUBG Mobile Global Championship for 2022 has started. With $4 million in prize money, this is one of the multiple important events of 2022. The PUBG mobile community is waiting for January 6 as of right now. The big finals are planned for the last three days of the event.

    There are only 16 teams left, and they are ready for another 18 rounds. The grand finals were held at the Jakarta International Expo. But matches used to be held at the Battle Arena. Things will get even hotter when the action starts in Jakarta on January 6.


    These are the esports events that people are most looking forward to in 2023. You can bet on each of them in a lot of different ways. People are still betting more and more on esports online. We all know that if people want to bet on something, there will be ways to do so. So, the top esports events of 2023 will be covered in depth.

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