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A Simple Guide to Playing Sic Bo in OKBet Casino

A Simple Guide to Playing Sic Bo in OKBet Casino
Date: August 21, 2022 / Author: Maria Abelardo

A Simple Guide to Playing Sic Bo in OKBet Casino

Sic Bo is a well-known game on the web and in real-life casinos played with dice. It came from China in the past and is also called Tai Sai or Dai Siu. In the 20th century, carnivals brought Sic Bo to the Philippines.

Sic Bo is a game of luck, not skill, like craps. OKBet Casino will show you how to play Sic Bo, and if you want to try out your new abilities at a Sic Bo club, we’ll also give you some good alternatives.

How to Play Online Sic Bo

People make bets and roll the dice. Here’s what happens in a round of Sic Bo:

    • The dice are put in a cage by the dealer.
    • People bet on numbers and sets of numbers.
    • The banker rolls the dice.
    • Payouts will be made based on how the dice come out.
  • The next round starts after the payouts.

The game will be fun and exciting when you understand how the different Sic Bo bets work. Other outcomes have different odds and payouts. The pay-table tells you everything you need to know about the game.

How to Bet in Sic Bo

 A Simple Guide to Playing Sic Bo in OKBET Casino - OKBET online casino

At first glance, the Sic Bo board looks like it has a lot of math and bets that are hard to understand. But that’s not true. First, we’ll look at the bets so you can better understand how to play Sic Bo.

Total Bet

You bet on the total you think the three dice will make here. You can bet between 4 and 17. Each number has a different payout.

Big or Small

It is a popular and easy bet you can make in playing this game. You have to bet on whether the total of the three dice will be Big or Small. The range for “Big” is from 11 to 17, and the capacity for “Small” is from 4 to 10. These bets are not very dangerous. If it rolls a triple, you lose the bet.


The combination bet has a medium level of risk. In this game, you bet on any two numbers you think will be rolled. For example, you bet on the numbers 2 and 3. The numbers on the three dice are 1, 2, and 3. You win the bet if you choose numbers 2 and 3 come up.


You can bet on any number and hope that it comes up. If any of the three dice show your chosen number, you win the bet. For example, you bet on three, and the dice show 6, 4, 3, and three. Since your number has come up, you win.


For the double bet, you bet on a number that you think will appear on both dice. Say you bet on the number 3. To win this bet, two of the three dice must show a 3. But there is no “any double” bet. You can, however, bet on more than one double.


As the name suggests, bet on a number you think will appear on all three dice. Any number from 1 to 6 is fair game. You can also go for “any triple,” which means you bet a triple, not a specific number, will be rolled. This bet pays out the most, at 216:1.

Sic Bo Variants

Some of these games are also available when you gamble online. Some popular versions of this game that you should know about are listed below.


You may have heard of Chuck-a-Luck, also called Sweat Cloth or Bird Cage. The main difference between Sic Bo and Chuck-a-luck is that you can only bet on single numbers. It is an additional bet.

Yee Hah Hi

This game is a lot like Sic Bo. But the symbols and colors on Yee Hah Hi dice replace the numbers.

Hoo Hee How

Hoo Hee How is like Yee Hah Hi. And Hee How’s dice have pictures, and you can make six bets.

Grand Hazard

The game Grand Hazard is a lot like the game Chuck-a-luck. You roll the dice with a cup and drop them down a chute.

Live Dealers for Sic Bo

The above casinos are our top picks for “traditional” RNG (Random Number Generator) online casinos that offer Sic Bo games.

Live Dealer Sic Bo is great if you want to feel like you’re playing. Some sites have tips on where to play this game with a real dealer at the best casinos, such as OKBet Casino.

Live streaming cameras bring you into a real Asian casino, where you can watch the dice roll and even talk to the dealer.

Final Thoughts 

The best way to get better at Sic Bo would be to play it for free online. You’ve seen that it’s an easy game to play, and you can find it in the live games section of most online casinos, such as OKBet Casino.


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