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5 Amazing Facts About Playing Cards

5 Amazing Facts About Playing Cards
Date: August 22, 2022 / Author: Noelyn Espinosa
5 Amazing Facts About Playing Cards in OKBET Live Casino - OKBET online casino

5 Amazing Facts About Playing Cards

Playing cards has to be one of your favorite things if you enjoy playing card games. However, many individuals are unaware of several fascinating facts surrounding playing cards. Nowadays, playing cards with pals allows you to socialize and can even pay off financially if you play them online at casinos like OKBet. Have you ever observed their features closely and wondered about the patterns and details about to be revealed? Today, we’ll share some interesting card-playing facts with you.

1. About Playing Cards

It is believed that playing cards originated in China during the Tang Dynasty during the ninth century. Every home has a deck of cards more than a thousand years later. Despite technological advancements, many individuals continue to use traditional playing cards to play card games and perform magic shows. The popularity of cards has led to the revival of time-honored card games like Solitaire, the development of new ones like Freecell, and the opportunity for players to try their luck at card games like poker or blackjack on online casino websites like OKBet online.

2. Cards Symbolize the Calendar

An intriguing explanation for why a deck of cards contains 52 cards is that the number of cards equals the number of weeks in a year. It gets stranger when you realize there are 12 court cards, which stand in for the 12 months of the year, and 13 cards in each suit, corresponding to the number of lunar cycles.

Many striking similarities between a deck of playing cards and a calendar have been noted, including:

Two colors: The colors red and black correspond to the daytime and nighttime portions of each day.

Four suits: The four suits correspond to spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Thirteen values: The thirteen suits correspond to the thirteen weeks in each quarter and the thirteen lunar cycles.

Twelve courts: The twelve court cards equal the twelve months of the year.

Fifty-two cards: The 52 cards in a standard deck represent the 52 weeks in a year.

Is this symbolism strategic or just a lucky coincidence? Regardless, this is a fantastic story! There is also an incredible viral video of magician Justin Flom performing a slick routine to honor Veterans Day. In addition, he mentions and explains some of this symbolism as it appears in a deck of playing cards.

5 Amazing Facts About Playing Cards in OKBET Live Casino - OKBET card games

3. Joker Cards

The Joker card is a Trump card in the nineteenth-century Euchre game, which plays and invented by the Americans in the United States. Everyone knows that a trump card’s value is significantly greater than its face value. Additionally, it is believed that the joker card originated in Italy. Regardless, a deck of cards contains approximately 2-3 jokers and is still widely used.

4. Oldest Deck Of Cards

The reportedly rarest and oldest complete deck of playing cards is displayed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The remarkable condition of the hand-painted tarot deck from the mid-15th century Netherlands suggests they hardly used the cards. Included among the cards competing for the title of oldest and rarest is a deck of Mamluk cards at the Topkapu Museum in Istanbul.

5. Plastic-Card Casino Security

When it comes to OKBet casino card decks, you may notice that they have a distinct texture. They are made entirely of plastic. The plastic card permits more handling cards in games such as poker before the cards become worn, dirty, and dog-eared. It also makes it more difficult than paper for players to cheat and mark cards.

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