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Comparison of the Best Philippines Online Casinos 2023

Comparison of the Best Philippines Online Casinos 2023
Date: June 7, 2023 / Author: TJ
OKBet Comparison of the Best PH Online Casinos 2023

Explore 2023’s best online casinos in the Philippines.

2023 has had Philippines gamblers scrambling to look for the best online casinos available on the Internet. Tons of platforms can make players dizzy, but what makes online casinos labeled as the best of the best?

To narrow down your search, we have listed the best online casinos in the Philippines this 2023 based on licensing, services, mode of deposits and withdrawals, promotions, social media, customer support, accessibility, and, most importantly, Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

For this year, the best online casinos we will be comparing are the following:

The Top Casino Providers in the Philippines

We have found 11 platforms claiming they are the best. But is it true?

Let us compare them and determine if they are true to their assertion. So read until the very end to find out which platform would be your go-to when gambling locally or overseas.


OKBet is an online casino and sports betting platform established by Kingwin Ventures Inc (formerly Ekxinum) in 2021. It provides world-class entertainment and supports the recognition of the Philippines’ aspiring athletes. True to its mission, the company sponsors Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League’s (MPBL) fifth season.


WinZir is a relatively new online casino and gaming operator in the Philippines that Sandbox Entertainment Group founds. Its goal is to provide a fun, safe, and secure gaming experience, with the promise of non-stop thrill and pure adrenaline in all its games.

Casino Plus

Casino Plus is a premier online and offline casino that offers classic favorites of Filipino gamblers, such as baccarat, poker, blackjack, roulette, and more. Hotel Stotsenberg Leisure Park and Hotel Corporation make it.


InPlay is a local gambling platform by Inter-active Entertainment Solutions Technologies, Inc that also offers world-class games similar to the websites mentioned above. In addition, it provides 200 casino games and the best gaming category legally available in the Philippines, such as slots, arcade games, etc.


FastWin claims to offer the best online gaming entertainment that ranges from bingo games to all services a casino can offer. It is developed by Kirschner Games International (KGI).


ArenaPlus is provided by Total Gamezone Xtreme Incorporated, with claims to be the leading online sportsbook in the Philippines. It is the official bookmaker for the country’s most famous basketball league, Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).


Melbet is an online platform made by Alenestre Ltd that offers live sporting events to go with lotteries and other betting games.


GGBet is a popular eSports betting platform made by enthusiasts and former players of the sport that represents the company Maxent Limited. It also offers sports like soccer, tennis, basketball, and more.


Owned by Orient Capital Ventures Inc., MegaSportsWorld focuses primarily on sports betting and has both local, regional, and international events.


An international online gambling platform owned by 1X Corp and based in Cyprus. It is still legal in the Philippines as the country’s gambling laws do not prohibit international operators from offering their services.


BingoPlus, a platform operated by AB Leisure Exponent Inc, focuses on providing Filipinos with one of the games that have been loved for the past decades: bingo. It also expanded to become an online bookmaker, officially partnering with PBA.

OKBet Comparison of the Best PH Online Casinos 2023

Before we start comparing, this comparison is not aimed to malign other online casino websites. This is to help players make informed decisions in choosing the platform they want to play. The choice of where they want to invest and be entertained lies upon them.

What to Look for in an Online Casino?

The first thing players must seek is the licensing online casinos have in the Philippines. However, be wary that not all online gambling platforms have the proper authorization to operate a gambling business.

They then have to check the services and promotions offered to have an overview of the possible gaming experience with their chosen platform. Moreover, checking if the site has a dedicated application and active social media pages adds to the allure of an online casino.

Lastly, fast and reliable customer support is also vital in weighing your options in picking the best platform for you.

With all these in mind, here are the comparisons:


There are many licensing authorities across the globe, but in the Philippines, only one hands out permits to online casino operators: the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

PAGCOR oversees the gambling operators that conduct their business in the country, meaning an online casino must seek accreditation first from them to be free from any legal impediment.

Be mindful that there are rogue websites that imitate the agency’s seal to “guarantee” that their platform is accredited. Only those listed on the PAGCOR website are the operators licensed by the agency to conduct gambling operations in the country.

Out of the 11 casinos on the list, eight (8) platforms received licensing from the agency, and these are:

OKBet Comparison of the Best PH Online Casinos 2023

PAGCOR is responsible for promoting fairness and integrity in the games and services offered by the casinos. It is also the one that mandates these operators to encourage their players to practice responsible gambling.

However, those who acquired licensing from the agency are not safe, for PAGCOR’s accreditation is not a lifetime license. 

In addition, as per the agency’s regulatory manual, operators authorized to operate a gambling business must avoid offenses that could cost them their licenses.

And without proper licensing from the government agency, there is no certainty that those websites will adhere to the country’s gambling laws.

While PAGCOR is the local licensing body, there are also international licensing firms, such as Curacao Gaming License, Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, Malta Gaming Authority, and more.

Melbet, GGBet, and 1xBet have international licenses. Hence, they are not licensed by PAGCOR but are allowed to offer their services to Filipino players.


An online casino needs to acquire licensing. Having the proper authority to conduct gambling operations frees its users from any potential legal impediment that could have them fined or, worse, get sentenced to jail.

Having the license means that online casino operators must conform to the rules and regulations of PAGCOR, meaning online casinos are required to ‘get to know’ their players.

The Know Your Customer Service (KYC) is a PAGCOR-mandated procedure that orders casinos to probe the background of their potential players. Doing so prevents minors and money launderers from accessing the site.

But, surprisingly, out of the eight operators licensed by PAGCOR, only six conduct KYC verifications.

OKBet Comparison of the Best PH Online Casinos 2023

Services Offered

The one thing that keeps players entertained is the plethora of choices for them to play and bet on. In the PH this 2023, the best services that Filipinos adore are online casino games, online sports betting, and live games.

International gambling platforms like Melbet have a virtual casino feature, giving the impression that players are in an actual gambling establishment. 

The only problem is that with the relaxation of Covid-19 protocols, the essence of having a virtual casino is no longer necessary. Instead, players can simply visit a brick-and-mortar casino instead of trying to ‘feel’ the environment.

Which is why simplicity is good. The table below shows the casinos that offer the most practical services, which players will surely explore:

OKBet Comparison of the Best PH Online Casinos 2023

Regarding the services, the best PH online casino/casinos this 2023 are WinZir and Melbet, that has sports betting, online casino, table games, casual games, live casinos, and virtual. 

Mode of Deposits

An online casino must have a number of ways for their users to deposit. But it is also important that the platform caters only to the modes that Filipinos commonly use.

For that matter, international online casinos have cryptocurrency as another mode of deposit for extra privacy. But the downside is that it is frowned upon by the government, and the reasons have been in another blog.

Still, users can disregard the cryptocurrency deposit option and opt to use e-wallets and online bank transfers instead.

OKBet Comparison of the Best PH Online Casinos 2023

The table above shows the mode of deposits offered by the best online casinos in the PH this 2023. Notice that in most local platforms, only WinZir offers the method, while the others did not touch cryptocurrency as one of their payment methods.

The main reason is that it is unusual for Filipinos to gamble using BitCoin or other cryptocurrencies. Instead, locals tend to use e-wallets or online banking to conduct their gambling transactions.

Since international platforms like GGBet and Melbet operate outside of the Philippines, their mode of payment is limited to the majority of their players who use credit cards and such and does not offer GCash or Maya, with only 1xBet offering local e-wallets.

Meanwhile, OKBet, WinZir, Casino Plus, InPlay, and other local online platforms cater to Filipinos: by conducting mode of deposits through e-wallets and online bank transfers using BPI, BDO, UnionBank, and more.

Withdrawal Time

Another important factor to consider is how fast players can claim their winnings. Based on the following table, OKBet has the fastest withdrawal time for e-wallets, especially if the player is already verified.

When it comes to online banking, although OKBet can take up to 15 minutes to transfer the rewards, they can only do so during the banking days or from Mondays to Fridays. That being said, 1xBet wins the online banking transaction.

Meanwhile, WinZir and 1xBet are tied for instantaneous withdrawal time for cryptocurrency users.

OKBet Comparison of the Best PH Online Casinos 2023


The promotions that entice players to play on online platforms are those that give out welcome and deposit bonuses. In addition, other promotions are offered to retain users, which they can use with their daily gambling agendas.

Refer to the following table:

OKBet Comparison of the Best PH Online Casinos 2023

As you can see, only four of the best PH casinos have welcome, deposit, and other promotions.

Note that each deal has its corresponding mechanics. Therefore, carefully read and understand the mechanics first before availing of the promotions.

Social Media and Contact Support

Social media can help expand an online casino’s reach and attract new potential players. 

Apart from ad placement across the Internet, gambling platforms would also build up their image by gaining a fanbase through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Here is the list of the platforms utilized by the best online casinos in the PH:

OKBet Comparison of the Best PH Online Casinos 2023

As you can notice, most of them have Facebook pages and Instagram. But to reach more potential players, other online casinos explored video-sharing platforms like TikTok and YouTube, which are heavily prevalent in the Philippines.

Also, it is essential to consider how fast and reliable their customer service team is. Looking at the table above, most sites have immediate customer support. 

However, the one that stood out was from Melbet and 1xBet since they immediately responded to your chat. Surprisingly, InPlay, a PAGCOR-licensed casino, has no chat support that could address the concerns of their players.


Online casinos thrive because of the accessibility it brings to the table. To further enhance the accessibility of their platforms, gambling platforms take advantage of how people are glued to their phones. 

Here are the online sites that created their own applications for easier access:

OKBet Comparison of the Best PH Online Casinos 2023

Final Review:

Now that we have compared the best online casinos in the PH this 2023, it is time for you to pick your poison.

The best among local online casinos in the PH this 2023: OKBet.

Based on the tables above, OKBet is the ideal platform for casino and sports bettors in the Philippines because it is:

  1. Licensed by PAGCOR
  2. Conducts KYC verification
  3. Offers deposits and withdrawals commonly used by Filipinos in their gambling transactions
  4. Fast withdrawal time
  5. It has tons of bonuses
  6. Extensive social media presence; reliable and fast customer support
  7. Accessible on a computer and mobile devices

In other words, OKBet outperforms most local online gambling platforms regarding services, speed, adherence, and reach.

Of course, if you are interested in one aspect of gambling, let us say bingo, then Bingo Plus is the platform for you as its expertise is bingo and all of its variants.

The best among international online casinos in the PH this 2023: 1xBet

1xBet is by far the best among the international online casinos allowed in the Philippines. Its services are top-notch, even if it lacks the virtual casino feature.

It’s accessible by gamblers and eases the burden of deposits and withdrawals, especially with its e-wallet, bank, and cryptocurrency modes of payments/withdrawals. 1xBet also has a plethora of bonuses and promotions that would get players hooked on the site.

With all these in mind, the choice remains in your hands. But why choose mediocre online casinos when you can play on OKBet or 1xBet, the best online casinos in the PH?

Quick Answers to Some of Your Questions:

What is the legal age to play in an online casino?

Online casinos work similarly to physical casinos. In that essence, the legal age for someone to play on an online gambling site or at an actual gambling establishment is 21 and above.

Is playing in an online casino better than a brick-and-mortar casino?

An advantage that online casinos have over physical casinos is that it offers lucrative promotions that are helpful in extending the playing time of players. While brick-and-mortar casinos have offers like free hotel stays or free concert tickets, these are given only to high rollers. Unlike in online gambling platforms, all users are given the chance to receive some form of incentive.

What are the minimum deposits of online casinos?

As per PAGCOR, the minimum deposit is P100.

Is there a security deposit for first-time players?

Previously, online casinos require their new users to deposit P1000. But a new memo from PAGCOR orders all online casinos to abolish the security deposit policy. Hence, new players can now gamble just by depositing P100 or more.