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How to Play 7Up 7Down Using OKBet App

How to Play 7Up 7Down Using OKBet App
Date: August 17, 2022 / Author: OKBET
How to Play 7Up 7Down Using OKBET App - OKBET app

Play 7Up 7Down Using OKBet App

OKBet 7Up 7Down is a dice game based on probability. Until recently, it was usually only played in casinos. Still, now that technology has improved, and online gaming platforms are available, people can play the game from their homes. They can play for real money or credit coins the website gives them when they sign up for the first time.

How does 7Up 7Down work?

7Up-7Down is a simple game where you roll two 6-sided dice and add up the points. You can bet the total will be more than 7, less than 7, or exactly 7. When the dice roll and the results match your prediction, you either win the game or get points. Depending on the winner’s bet, they either get credit points or real money.

How Do You Play 7Up 7Down?

How to Play 7Up 7Down Using OKBET App - OKBET online casino

You might be wondering how to play 7Up-7Down after hearing so much about it, so here are the basics. The pay-out rules may differ from one site or casino to the next, but the basics of the game and how it plays are the same everywhere.

  • First, each player has to choose one of three options: 7up, 7, or 7 down. In these games, you can change the amount you win by using the plus and minus signs under the boxes.
  • The player needs to pick the sum by transforming it based on how much money they have. A player can’t choose more than how much money they have.
  • Then, the player has to roll the two cubes by adding the numbers on each cube.
  • Assuming the following number is not precisely or greater than 7, the player gets twice the number they chose. If the range is exactly 7, the player receives three times the amount they chose, depending on how the casino works. The player loses the amount they bet if the wide range doesn’t match the preferred option.

Rules for 7Up 7Down

7Up-7down is a pretty simple game with rules that are easy to understand. In the game, you roll two dice, and if the sum of the numbers on both dice is the same as your bet, you win.

  • Before the dice roll down, if there are less than three bets.
  • Less than seven – 7 Down
  • Number 7 – Lucky 7
  • Numbers higher than 7—7 Up

How to Bet When Playing Andar Bahar

7up-7down is a casino game, so we all know it’s for real money and a make-you massive load of cash, assuming you’re great at betting. When you bet, you put real money on the desired outcome. If your desired outcome comes up, you win 1.5x or 2x, depending on what you want and the rules of the casino. But we all know that betting is risky if you pick something randomly. If you do that, you should be careful because you could lose all your money if different things happen.

For Real Money 7Up 7Down

We can now play 7up-7 down for real money and, in the best case, win twice as much or even three times as much. But betting is a risky way to spend money, and the player should decide how much he is willing to lose because if something goes wrong, he could lose the whole amount. You can play this game for genuine cash on OKBet, which has games like Teen Patti, seven up, seven down, and Rummy.  


If you like to play games on the go, you can play 7 Up 7 Down on your phone. Most of the best online casinos, like OKBet, now have professional apps you can download from the App and Google Play Store. Remember that you can get some apps from the casino site. This game is now available on the OKBet app. Download it now to have a great time.


Is it okay for people in the Philippines to play 7Up-7Down online?

Yes, playing 7up 7 down is legal in the Philippines because it is played online as a fantasy game. Playing online makes it completely safe from fraud or theft, making it the safest way to play.

Is 7Up-7Down a game that can play online?

Yes, you can play the game online using OKBet platforms for online gaming. These platforms are highly encrypted, which makes it hard to cheat or hack the servers.

Does 7Up-7Down require skill or luck?

What do you think makes a difference? But you need to be good at math and odds if you want to guess what the following result will be. But sometimes, luck also works here.

Where online can I play 7Up-7Down?

You can play 7Up-7Down Online at several websites, such as OKBet, guaranteeing safety and security. These internet-based sports wagering locales are the way to get into many other fantasy games.


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