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Dragon Tiger Beginner Tips in OKBET Online Casino

Dragon Tiger Beginner Tips in OKBET Online Casino
Date: August 22, 2022 / Author: OKBET
Dragon Tiger Beginner Tips in OKBET Online Casino - OKBET online casino

Dragon Tiger Beginner Tips in OKBET Online Casino

Dragon Tiger is a straightforward game that comes from Cambodia. It’s a lot like Baccarat in that you can only bet on the tiger or the dragon, and there aren’t many ways to do that. The game is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, and most online casinos, such as OKBet, now offer it.

Where to Play Dragon Tiger 

Dragon Tiger is a game that many online casinos offer. Not only that, but you can play the game for a wide range of stakes. When you play OKBet Dragon Tiger online for money, it’s essential to play at a real online casino. In addition to ensuring the casino has a valid license, you must also ensure they have measures to keep your personal and financial information safe.

One of the best things when you play Dragon Tiger online, is that most casinos, such as OKBet, will let you play for free in the demo mode. It is excellent for people who want to learn to play the game or play for fun. There are also a lot of online “live” casinos where you can play Dragon Tiger with a real dealer to make the game more fun. When you want to play the game online, find a legitimate casino like OKBet with good bonuses and promotions, customer service that’s available 24/7, and the way you like to make deposits and withdrawals.

Seven Tips for Beginners in Dragon Tiger 

Dragon Tiger Beginner Tips in OKBET Online Casino - OKBET online games

People think of Dragon Tiger as a mix of Baccarat and Casino War. Each square Dragon Tiger will be split into two cards, making the game easy for most people to understand. The game was made in Cambodia and is now widespread in Asia, especially in the online casino market.

The game is easy to win, but if you know these seven tips, your chances of winning are much higher. Let’s do that!

You can only bet on Dragon Tiger.

Only bet on the Dragon and Tiger places. You have a 50/50 chance of winning these two places, and they will also give you bonuses. If you insist on betting on “Tie” to try your luck and get big prizes, you will take on many risks.

Don’t put your money on a tie.

Most of the time, the payout odds for the Tie are very high: 1 win out of 8. In any case, it likewise has many dangers, and the house has an edge of up to 32.7%. Because of this, few people win when they bet on the Tie. There are 86,320 different ways to put cards together, but you can use only 6488 of them to draw. So, you will lose the other 79,872 times you play. Only 1456 draws have ever been won, according to statistics. 

Keeping track of cards that match the dragon and tiger

This game doesn’t have a lot of cards, so the player can count them, especially if they get a pair of 7s because if there are more than two 7, they will lose.

Look at the picture and guess what will happen.

If you’re intelligent, quick, and able to pay attention, you’ll be able to figure out the dealer’s rules quickly and win. So, when you play, you should watch how the dealer deals to figure out how the next few games will go. Then decide which side to bet on based on the result.

Don’t mix betting strategies too much.

Many players think combining different ways to bet in Dragon Tiger is an excellent way to make winning easier. But no player has ever tried this method, so it’s best not to overthink and plan to use this betting method.

Watch the dealer deal out the cards.

When you first start playing Dragon Tiger, don’t bet fast if you haven’t thought about it and made a plan for how to play. The player needs to take the time to watch the dealer deal with the cards and figure out what the rules are.

Remember to record the after-effects of each game so you can make a good bet in the next round. Once you know how to play the game and the rules, you can make a bet. One thing is for sure: your chance of winning will be higher than when you don’t know anything.

Learn to watch and guess what will happen.

Most of the time, the Dragon Tiger result will come up again and again. So, sometimes it’s a Dragon and then a Tiger. To make a good bet, the player must watch, find out the rules and timing of the consecutive, and remember the order of the results. Once the player has found the start of the sequence, they will win the prize in many games in a row, and it won’t be a small amount.

Final Thoughts 

The seven tips above are the best for winning a Dragon Tiger game in OKBet Online Casino. If you are scarcely beginning to play this game, you must read this article first to become a great player in Dragon Tiger. It also explains where you can play this game in an online casino. 


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