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What Does Spread Betting Mean in OKBET Sports Betting?

September 20, 2022
by Paula Abelardo

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What Does Spread Betting Mean in OKBET Sports Betting? - OKBET betting

One way to place a wager on the direction of a financial market is without owning the security that the market is based on. It means betting on how the price of a security will change. A spread betting company gives two prices, the bid price and the asking price also called the spread. Investors bet on whether the cost of the underlying security will be lower than the bid or higher than the ask.

In spread betting, the person who makes a bet does not own the underlying security. Instead, they just bet on how its price will move.

Spread betting is not the same as spread trading. In spread trading, you take opposite positions in two (or more) different securities and make money based on whether the price difference between them grows or shrinks over time.

Understanding Spread Betting

Spread betting lets investors bet on how the prices of various financial instruments, such as stocks, foreign exchange, commodities, and fixed-income securities, will change. Put another way, and a financial backer places a bet based on their belief. Whether the market increases or decreases when their bet is accepted, they also decide how much money they want to put at risk on their bet. It is advertised as a tax-free and commission-free way for investors to make money in both bull and bear markets.

Spread wagering is utilized, implying that investors only need to put down a small percentage of the position’s value. For example, if a job is worth 50,000 and the margin requirement is 10%, you only need to put down 5,000. It makes gains and losses bigger, so investors can lose more than they put in the first place.

Managing Risk in Spread Betting

Even though high leverage comes with risks, spread betting offers good ways to limit losses:

Stop-loss orders are the norm.

Stop-loss orders reduce risk by automatically closing out a losing trade when the market price goes over a certain level. Once the stop value you set has been reached, a standard stop-loss will close your transaction at the best price. When the market is unstable, you may complete your trade at a more terrible level than the stop trigger. 

Stop-loss orders that are guaranteed

This stop-loss order guarantees that your trade will end at the exact price you set, regardless of what is happening on the lookout. But this kind of insurance against bad things doesn’t come for free. Your broker will usually charge you extra for guaranteed stop-loss orders.

You can also reduce risk by arbitrage, which is when you bet in two different ways at the same time.

Spread Betting Benefits

What Does Spread Betting Mean in OKBET Sports Betting? - OKBET sports betting

The following is the list of spread betting benefits in OKBET Sports.


Investors can bet on both prices going up and prices going down. Investors who buy and sell physical shares have to borrow the stock they want to sell short, which can take time and cost money. Spread betting makes it as easy to sell fast as it is to buy.

There are no fees.

The spread is how spread betting companies make money. There is no separate commission fee, which makes it easier for investors to keep track of trading costs and figure out the size of their positions.

Tax Benefits

Spread betting is considered gambling in some tax systems so that any gains may be taxed as winnings instead of as income or capital gains. Before doing their taxes, investors who use spread betting should keep records and talk to a tax accountant.


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