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Reasons to Love Soccer

December 19, 2022
by TJ

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OKBET Reasons to Love Soccer

At least five billion people are in love with soccer, and the reasons why hating such a competitive sport confuses some of its fans.

The global population currently is at 8 billion. So, all in all, 62.5% of the total people in the world are into association football.

But really, why do people love soccer so much? If we trace it to its history, the first to incorporate a ball (made of rock) into a game was the old Mesoamerican culture. They invented such a game over 3000 years ago.

Then two thousand years ago, ancient civilizations invented the sport, with claims that the origin was in China. The game was named cuju. It had a round leather ball (with either fur or feathers inside) played inside an area of a square.


OKBET Reasons to Love Soccer


Japan had kemari, a modified version of cuju, played using ceremonial forms. While other countries, such as Greece, Rome, and some parts of Central America, claimed to have discovered it.

But the country that popularized soccer was, in fact, England. It was the one that coined the term “football,” which the association football is known today.

The English were the first to develop the rules for soccer, such as the prohibition of tripping opponents or using hands to touch the ball.

Clearly, since early times, we have been fans of kicking the ball. Such passion for the sport then evolved into a much bigger game involving billions anticipating and watching their favorite teams.

Here are some of the reasons why people love soccer:

It’s an exercise

Soccer involves a lot of running and kicking. So, in turn, it improves one’s cardiovascular health. Here are its other benefits:

  • Increases stamina
  • Reduces body fat
  • Muscle strength and tone are improved
  • Strengthens bones
  • Improves coordination


Anyone who wants to play soccer does not go to a soccer field or a soccer facility. They can look for an open area, set a designated goal for each side, and find a ball to kick. It can be played almost anywhere, including beaches, parks, and the streets.

A Game for everyone

In other sports, such as basketball or volleyball, height and age can give you an edge over your opponents. However, it is not the case when the sport is soccer.

Association football can have varying ages and sizes in each team. While there are some pretty good players in a particular group, soccer mostly surprises its fans when underdogs overperform.


Exciting teams fill out this sport. If you are not a fan of soccer, once you watch a match like Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi, there is a certainty you will fall in love with this game.

It’s a Matter of Pride

Fans have specific teams to support and are very dedicated to their chosen team or players. Even if they are on the losing side, they will always be there to show support.

It is such a competitive sport, and humans are naturally competitive. Soccer has tournaments that prompt its participating teams to do whatever it takes to win.

Passionate Players for Passionate Fans

Athletes of this sport are highly vocal, showing how much they care about soccer, and winning for their team. There is no football match where a player will sit idly by and let the referee’s decision affect them. Mostly, you will see them arguing and pleading their case.

The difficulty of scoring makes it even worth watching. If a team scores, a celebration unique to each player will keep viewers and fans entertained.

Appealing to the Eyes

Soccer’s other term is “The Beautiful Game” because it is visually appealing. The playing field, the emotions, and the crowds were some of the factors showing what a sight the sport is.

It becomes even more appealing when a player performs the perfect slide tackle or a superb free kick. More importantly, fans of this sport will always find something unique in each match.

A Sport Worth Betting

The popularity of soccer in almost every part of the world makes it the perfect sport to wager on. Also, there is no clear winner in each match, making it more exciting to place bets.

Furthermore, soccer is consisted of an array of tournaments, meaning there will always be a match weekly. Aside from the World Cup, leagues in some countries are a must-watch.

Just a friendly reminder: place your bets on licensed sports betting operators like OKBET to avoid issues shortly after.


There are other reasons why people love soccer so much. It is not just about the sport but also how it brings other nations closer together.

With almost all of the total population supporting it, Soccer will thrive for years to come, and that’s a fact.

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