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Qatar Stadium FIFA World Cup 2022

November 18, 2022
by Paula Abelardo

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OKBET Qatar Stadium

OKBET compiles the eight stadiums hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar, including a hat-shaped tower and a “diamond in the desert,” ahead of Sunday’s tournament kickoff.

Between November 20 and December 18, an international football competition will held in eight stadiums in and around Doha, the capital of Qatar.

New buildings by British firms like Zaha Hadid Architects and Foster + Partners may seen in Qatar alongside the country’s renovated national stadium.

OKBET Qatar Stadium

The Lusail National Stadium

Foster Partners, the architects behind the biggest stadium for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, have described it as a “golden vessel” inspired by Islamic bowls and traditional Qatari architecture.

The Lusail Stadium hides its eighty thousand seats in two levels behind a curving facade made of triangular panels of golden aluminum and steel.


The number of shipping containers used to construct the stadium’s stairs, kiosks, restrooms, and other features inspired its name.

Located near Doha’s port, this brightly colored structure was designed by Fenwick-Iribarren Architects to tribute Qatar’s nautical past and the area’s industrial past.

Alongside a modular steel structure intended to be dismounted and reused. The containers—many of which were used to deliver supplies to the site—are shown. On November 30, it will play the first games at the new 40,000-seat stadium.

Al Janoub Stadium

Located in Al Wakrah, to the south of downtown Doha, lies the Al Janoub Stadium, a structure with the trademark curving shapes of its co-architect, Zaha Hadid Architects.

AECOM designed the completely retractable roof to assist keep players and spectators comfortable in the 40,000-seat facility, which will host its maiden match on November 22.

Critics likened its unusual shape to female genitalia, even though it designed to imitate the sail of a dhow, a traditional fishing boat visible in the city’s port.

Khalifa International Stadium

There is just one preexisting structure repurpose for the 2022 FIFA World Cup: the Qatar National Stadium, which situated 10 kilometers from the center of Doha.

Khalifa International Stadium’s capacity recently increased to 40,000 after an upgrade by the stadium’s original architect, Dar Al-Handasah, to meet FIFA specifications.

The stadium has previously hosted the Asian Games and the Arabian Gulf Cup. On November 21, it will host its first World Cup match.

Stadium Al Bayt

On November 20th, the tournament’s first game will take place in a tent-like stadium designed by Dar Al-Handasah, a multidisciplinary company that previously created the stadium in Al Khor.

From this, the Al Bayt Stadium gets its name from the traditional tents use by nomads in the area, the Bayt al sha’ar. There are 60,000 seats inside spread among four different stands.

The retractable roof, made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) woven fiberglass membrane. Contributes to the stadium’s cooling systems and its characteristic peaked appearance.

After the World Cup is over, the stadium’s upper tiers dismantled. And sent overseas utilized in the construction of sports facilities there. In their stead, a five-star hotel will erected.

Al Thumama Stadium

The circular Al Thumama Stadium was designed by Qatar architect Ibrahim M Jaidah, who took inspiration from the gahfiya caps worn by men throughout the Middle East.

The stadium, which can find to the south of Doha. Is circular and has a concrete bowl with 40,000 seats for spectators. Its maiden match will be on November 21.

The architect claims its unusual appearance serves a practical purpose by shielding viewers from the sun. “Like the gahfiya,” a traditional Arab head covering. It will complement a solar-powered air conditioner.

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Architecture firm Pattern in the United Kingdom to act as a “marking of your leave. And return to or from the desert,” the design and engineering company Ramboll. Created this ornamental stadium on the outskirts of Doha.

Named Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, it characterized by its elaborate metal front that evokes traditional Qatari facades called Naqsh. It is pair with substantial concession stalls around the margins that hint at the adjacent dunes.

Like all other tournament locations, the open-air field will have artificial cooling to keep the players. And the 40,000 spectators comfortable. On November 21st, the first game will played at this venue. 

Education City Stadium

The Education City Stadium, a “diamond in the desert,” is the eight. And final site for Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup. Its first match is on 22 November.

The front of the stadium is design in a diamond pattern reminiscent of ancient Arabic structures, thus the stadium’s moniker. It may lit up at night and is to reflect intense daylight.

After the Games, the facility will renovated into a sports center for the surrounding Education City area. By making use of the space formerly occupied by the upper deck. Which will transform into classrooms and event halls for the surrounding universities.


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