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PAGCOR Warns Public Against Illegal Online Gambling

January 13, 2023
by Jeannie Albaredo

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PAGCOR Warns Public Against Illegal Online Gambling

The Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) asks the public again not to use or participate in illegal online gambling. So people don’t get scam, have their identities stolen, or have their credit cards used fraudulently. Betting illegal gambling is not only against the law but also costs the government billions of pesos in tax money that could used to pay for programs that help more Filipinos.

PAGCOR advises gamers to only play its licensed online games, such as Electronic games (E-Games) and Electronic bingo games (E-Bingo), for a fun and safe gaming experience.

E-Games are virtual games of chance, like casino games and mixed games of skill and luck. “Electronic gaming” is playing electronic games and taking bets through any computer or communication device connected to the Internet or using Internet-based technology and other communication devices needed for gaming operations.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

On the other hand, E-Bingo is a chance game played on electronic gaming systems with bingo cards or cards that look like cards and numbers picked at random by a Random Number Generator and shown on an electronic screen. It is play on a terminal, usually an electronic bingo machine. Players who complete a pattern or combination set up ahead of time win the prize shown in the pay table or the jackpot.

PAGCOR has teamed up with the Philippine National Police, the National Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Immigration, and the Office of Cybercrime under the Department of Justice to fight the spread of illegal online gambling. Together, they have formed an inter-agency council that will gather information, investigate, and prosecutes those involved in illegal online gambling. 

PAGCOR Warns Public Against Illegal Online Gambling

Pick the Right Option

In addition to PAGCOR’s efforts to stop the spread of illegal online gambling websites that are legal or registered to offer online gambling require membership registration that strictly follows Know-Your-Customer (KYC) features for verification purposes. New members also have to put down P1,000, which they can’t get back for a month after they join. Before logging in, there is also a verification process to ensure that only the registered player is using their account. It is done by sending a one-time pin (OTP) to the player’s phone number. Which the player must enter correctly, or using video calling or biometrics verification. One of the Philippines’ top-rated sites for sports events and tournaments is the OKBET website.

All legitimate gaming sites show a PAGCOR infographic or video clip about playing games responsibly when you log in. The Terms of Use (TOU) are also offer, and the player needs to agree to them before they can play the games.

Responsible Gaming Division

Regarding players’ rights, licensed or registered E-Games and E-Bingo sites protect them by giving them a way to talk about problems with service providers and gaming operators.

PAGCOR also has a “Responsible Gaming Division” division that encourages people to play games responsibly. A Player Exclusion Program, run by the Responsible Gaming Division, gives customers who think that they or a family member is getting too addict to gambling the option to ban them from all gaming sites or venues.

PAGCOR’s legal online gaming operations bring in about P9 million per day. This money goes to programs that help reduce poverty, such as the 4Ps, providing health care facilities, building school buildings, and training Philippine national athletes.

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