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OKBET Year-End Bonuses and Promotions

November 25, 2022

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Promotions are a big part of what makes OKBET the best place to bet on sports online. Sportsbooks try to stand out in a competitive business by giving bettors a wide range of appealing promotions. Because of this, you’ll be able to utilize many free bets, promotions with better odds, risk-free bets, and more. 

And also, OKBET is a well-known site for sports betting, and its Bonuses are the best in the business. The site got a big makeover and now has one of the cleanest, most modern user interfaces of any betting site. OKBET has kept all of the great promotions that have made it such a popular online sportsbook, like the excellent birthday bonus.

The following is a list of OKBET year-end bonuses! 

OKBET Promotions

Second Deposit 68% Bonus (PHP 1,500 Max)

To be eligible for this promotion, the player’s second deposit must be at least Php 300.00. Upon request, the player will get a credit for the second deposit’s 68% bonus. Players must contact the OKBET Online Customer Service Team to collect this offer.

Happy Hours Bonus

From November 17 through December 31, 2022, only players who deposit on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday between 6 pm and 12 am will be eligible for the Happy Hour Bonus. A Php500.00 minimum deposit is required from players.

Birthday Bonus

Members of OKBET who wish to join must be current and verified members. A player must have made at least three (3) deposits of any amount within 30 days of their birthday before they may request the birthday bonus. The gamer must ask for the birthday bonus to get it. This deal is for those Sportsbook players.

Soccer Weekly Loss Rebate 8%

A minimum Php 3,000.00 loss will qualify players for an 8% loss reimbursement. Play x1 turnover for the players to withdraw their refunds. Every Monday starting at 1 pm, you may get this offer Soccer Weekly Loss Rebate 8% using our live chat feature.

FIFA World Cup Loss Refund

Members of OKBET who wish to join must be current, verified members. Only players who have lost a wager on a FIFA World Cup game and have deposited at least Php 300.00 are eligible for the Loss Refund. Any other current offer cannot be combined with this one. (Apart from the Birthday Bonus)

Daily Deposit Bonus

The daily deposit bonus has to be used that day. It will be reclaimed and reset to 0 the next day if it is claimed by the end of the day.

Basketball Weekly Loss Rebate

Players who have lost at least 3,000 will get the 5% loss reimbursement. Additionally, PHP 1,000.00 is the minimum amount that players may withdraw.

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