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Lottery Winner Forgets Tickets in Shopping Cart

January 23, 2023
by Jeannie Albaredo

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Lottery Winner Forgets Tickets in Shopping Cart

A customer of a retail shopping chain in Cambridge, United Kingdom, discovered several lottery tickets and a winning cheque left forgotten in a shopping cart.

No matter how much money they take home, every person who plays the lottery and wins feels excitement. Only recently, one lucky winner lost their ticket while shopping and won. Fortunately, an honest person found the tickets, and he is eager to give it back to the person who lost it.

Richard Haslop

Richard Haslop, a good-hearted guy who lives in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, visited the famous Tesco supermarket chain not long after Christmas. Around this time, he came upon a shopping cart with multiple lottery tickets and a cheque left behind by Barry Levett.

Haslop is an honest citizen; he took the ticket and is now looking for the person who was supposed to use it. Haslop disclosed that the winning cheque was discovered in a cart in a post that he published on social media, and he stated that he intends to give the cheque back to its rightful owner. The man added that he would only hand over the tickets to someone who could provide a specific description of what was on the tickets to protect himself against fraud.

“Cambridge folk – Does anyone know a Barry Levett? – My wife discovered several lottery tickets in a Tesco cart, along with a winning cheque made out to Barry, which is how we know his name. We want to give them back to him.”

Six Lottery Tickets

Haslop mentioned six lottery tickets in the shopping cart during a recent interview with ITV News Anglia. He said the National Lottery and Euro Lotto tickets “all had some lines and were in a shopping cart outside the store.” The man tried to call customer service, but there was a long line, so he turned to social media to find the lucky winner.

Haslop didn’t say how much the winning check was worth, but he did say that it was “significant value.” Lastly, the honest man said he was sure that Barry, the lucky winner, would want this money in his bank account.


Now we understand that we should value essential things to us such as Lottery Tickets so that this kind of incident does not happen again in the present. We all hope to win our bets, so we should be more careful and attentive in whatever we do. It is so that we don’t regret it in the end and can achieve the success and happiness we long for.

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