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Learn to Play Live Roulette in the Philippines

October 31, 2022
by Noelyn Espinosa

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OKBET live roulette

The wheel game is the most exciting aspect of playing Live Roulette in OKBET. You keep a close eye on it as you predict where it will land and pray that you are right. This traditional game has been updated for the internet gambling environment to let players enjoy the thrills whenever and whenever they choose. You may now play roulette online and choose from many different game variations in addition to being able to play the game.

How does Live Roulette Work?

Digital overlays, HD webcams, and RFID sensors power live roulette tables. The system itself is somewhat intricate. However, the procedure for placing a wager and collecting winnings is pretty straightforward and goes as follows:

    • To place bets, use the on-screen digital overlay. You choose a chip denomination and click to place bets on a portion or sections of the table, just like in any other online roulette game.
    • This data is kept in a centralized database.
    • As this is going on, the roulette wheel is being spun by the dealer, who is visible via webcam. After a countdown of about 15 to 30 seconds, they’ll say, “No more bets, please.”
  • The roulette ball is now let loose into the wheel. The number it falls on when it stops will determine the outcome. The webcam enables you to see this taking place. The data is gathered and sent to the central database simultaneously by the RFID sensors.
  • Finally, your betting information is cross-referenced with the results. Payout is made, and the money is credited to your account if a match is discovered (i.e., your picks match the outcomes).

Remember that there is no free live online roulette game. It is because these games have expenses that their digital versions do not. Visit our guide to free slot machine games if you want to play games for no cost. It will outline how to play roulette and other games like slots for free.

How to Start Playing?

Choosing a top live roulette can be difficult due to the abundance of casino options, but it is simpler once all the factors described above are defined. When you locate a gambling platform that suits your demands, you must:


It takes some time. Your name and email address are required. On certain websites, the account verification process is integrated into the registration process; in this scenario, you will need to supply extra details.

Claim the Bonuses

There is a welcome offer in casinos. With this bonus, you can start playing or exploring the casino. The terms and conditions of the promos differ, so you should carefully study each to ensure you abide by them.

Deposit your Money

To claim the majority of the bonuses, you must deposit them into your casino account. After that, you can begin using real money to play.

Explore and Have Fun with the Games

You may now play the top roulette games available in the casino industry. You are free to play as many as you like. However, sometimes the options might be overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with most titles. You can use the online roulette simulator to determine which strategy is best for you.

Types of Live Roulette

OKBET live roulette

Live roulette has become so popular that developers are now free to express their creativity. The variations above stay pretty close to the basic rules of roulette. Read the conditions before the start of any online casino roulette game. You can modify your play with this.

1. American Roulette

This game is intended for seasoned risk-takers. All bet methods’ probabilities are lowered in American roulette due to the extra pocket. There are 38 divisions in the game, with the digits 1-36 and 00. When the ball touches your game, you get compensated.

2. European Roulette

The game has one 0 and 37 pockets. The house advantage is substantially lower when only one zero is present, improving your odds of winning. To play the game, you must foresee where the ball will land when the wheel stops turning.

3. French Roulette

Immediately following the French revolution, this game’s variant gained popularity. Similar to the wheel used in European roulette. The latter has fewer bet alternatives than French Roulette, though. Before using a unique approach when playing for real money, you may test it on a free roulette game.

4. Mini Roulette

The game used only one zero and the numbers 0 to 12. It lowers the house advantage and increases your odds. In addition, if the ball roulette falls on zero, the player wins half of their bet; even/odd numbers are red.

5. Multi-Ball Roulette

You can use up to 10 balls, and each ball has a different consequence depending on where they drop. In this game, the chances are more significant.

6. Multi Wheel Roulette

Up to 8 roulette tables can have simultaneous wagers placed on them. Therefore, the wheels move in unison. Your bet is distributed among all of the wheels. The number of wheels you use to play with can be changed at any time, much in a slot machine game.

Similar to European Roulette, the rules of this game allow you to add your winnings from your bankroll or leave them on the table. Therefore, in Multi-Wheel Roulette, your chances are better.

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