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Guide on How To Play Lightning Dice in OKBET Casino Games

September 12, 2022
by Paula Abelardo

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Guide on How To Play Lightning Dice in OKBET Casino Games - OKBET online casino

One of the most-played dice games in the Philippines is Lightning Dice. The simple rules of online craps are used in the game, which OKBET Casino Gaming made.

When you first open Lightning Dice, you’ll be in a dark room with a lightning tower in the middle. Once the lightning power has been turned on. The dealer pulls a lever next to it to drop the dice.

After putting down your bets, you trust that the lightning will strike and the dice will succumb to an opportunity to win up to multiple times your bet.

How is Lightning Dice played?

One of the most straightforward web-based betting games to play is Lightning Dice. All this is because OKBET Gaming’s interface is so easy to use. To get everything rolling, you should join at your casino, such as OKBET Casino Live, and choose Lightning Dice from the Lobby. After that, follow these simple steps:

Guide on How To Play Lightning Dice in OKBET Casino Games - OKBET live casino

Step 1: Choose the amount you want to bet.

In this game, you can choose how much you want to bet on numbers 3 through 18. You can bet as little as R2 and as much as R1,000. You can bet on as many numbers as possible, even all of them.

Step 2: Bet on something

The dealer will give you 15 seconds for each round to place your bets. Before the lightning strikes, each number has a multiplier that can go up to 150x.

Step 3: Wait for the thunder to come.

After all the bets have been made, the lightning will strike three times, giving specific numbers a multiplier. The highest the multiplier can go is 1000x. It means that if you bet R2, you get back R2,000. When the lightning is over, the seller will pull the switch on the right half of the pinnacle to drop the three dice on the pinnacle.

Step 4: Get your prize money.

If the total number shown on the three dice is the same as what you bet, you win based on the amount you bet and the multiplier. If the dice don’t land the right way, it’s a foul, and the dealer must drop the dice again.

Step 5: Pull back and try again

When you win, the money goes straight into your casino account. Take some of it back, and keep some for later!

How to Win at Lightning Dice

To win Lightning Dice, you should figure out the likelihood of each bet. For example, wagering on numbers 3 (the most reduced blend) and 18 (the unique mix) is profoundly unsafe.

It is because there is just a single dice mix to give such sums. For example, to get a three, at that point, every one of the three dice should arrive on one. While an 18 requires each of the three dice to come on sixes.

Aggregates for numbers 4 and 17 have three blends each, while 10 or 11 can be made utilizing 27 mixes. Thus, these are the numbers you need to wager on consistently.


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