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Dragon Tiger Game OKBET Online Casinos: 8 Tips Strategy

September 1, 2022
by Jeannie Albaredo

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Dragon Tiger Game OKBET Online Casinos: 8 Tips Strategy - OKBET online casino

People think of Dragon Tiger as a mix of Baccarat and Casino War. Each square Dragon Tiger will be split into two cards, making the game easy for most people to understand. The game was made in Cambodia and is now widespread in Asia, especially in the OKBET online casino market.

The game is easy to win, but if you know these eight tips, your chances of winning are much higher.

You can only bet on Dragon Tiger

Only bet on the Dragon and Tiger places. You have a 50/50 chance of winning these two places, and they will also give you bonuses. If you insist on betting on “Tie” to try your luck and get big bonuses, you will take on many risks.

Don’t put your money on a tie

Most of the time, the payout odds for the Tie are very high: 1 win out of 8. But it also has many risks, and the house has an edge of up to 32.7%. Because of this, few people win when they bet on the Tie. There are 86,320 different ways to put cards together, but 6488 can have used to draw. So, you will lose the other 79,872 times you play. Only 1456 draws have ever been won, according to statistics.

Keeping track of cards that match the dragon and tiger

This game doesn’t have a lot of cards, so the player can count them, especially if they get a pair of 7s because if there are more than two 7, they will lose.

Look at the picture and guess what will happen

If you’re intelligent, quick, and able to pay attention, you’ll be able to figure out the dealer’s rules quickly and win. So, when you play, you should watch how the dealer deals to figure out how the next few games will go. Then decide which side to bet on based on the result.

Dragon Tiger Game OKBET Online Casinos: 8 Tips Strategy - OKBET betting

Don’t use more than one betting strategy at a time

Many people who play Dragon Tiger think combining different ways to bet is an excellent way to win more often. But no player has tried this method, so you shouldn’t overthink if you want to use this betting strategy.

Watch the dealer shuffle and deal with the cards

When you first start playing Dragon Tiger, don’t bet if you haven’t thought about it and devise a strategy. The player needs to pay attention to how the dealer deals with the cards to learn the rules.

Don’t forget to write down each game’s results so you can bet correctly on the next one. Once you know how to play and how the rules work, you can make a bet. One thing is sure: you will win more often than when you don’t know anything.

Learn how to watch and guess what will happen

Most of the time, the Dragon Tiger result will happen more than once. That means that sometimes the result is a Dragon, and sometimes it is a Tiger. To make a good bet, the player needs to pay attention, figure out the rules and timing of the consecutive, and watch how the results come in. Once the player finds the start of the sequence, they will win a prize in many games in a row. The rewards are not small.

Play with a reputable dealer

Most people play Dragon Tiger for fun when they have free time. So choose the most trusted house edge for yourself, and your free time will also be the most complete.

Most of the time, players can find enough information about the rules, how to pay, and how to deposit at a reputable house edge. All information is open and easy to understand. Remember that these things are a significant advantage for the house if you want to play the Dragon Tiger game.

Dragon and Tiger is not a very strategic game. But many players bet the same amount as the last winner in the hopes of getting a run of hands.

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