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Dirk Nowitzki Statue Unveiled!

January 3, 2023
by TJ

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OKBET Dirk Nowitzki statue

A fading away Dirk “German Jesus” Nowitzki statue was unveiled in the Dallas Mavericks’ arena at the American Airlines Center (AAC) last December 26 in honor of his contributions to the franchise.

The statue, erected outside AAC, was Dirk’s signature one-legged fadeaway—a move that gave Dallas its first-ever NBA crown back in 2011. The future Hall of Famer revealed it to the rest of the public together with his son, Max.

“It was emotional,” admitted Nowitzki. “When the thing went up, [it] felt like the sun was just perfect today, just shining right on it.”

Los Angeles Lakers coach Darvin Ham even described it as “magnificent.”

“That jump shot, just going up to the sky, creating all types of rain,” he said.

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban promised the statue. He told Nowitzki in 2019 that he will have the “biggest, most badass statue ever,” which he delivered.

“What would this day, this huge honor be without having my family here. Thank you guys for coming all this way, [and] for all this support. 

“This is also for you guys. I think what makes this so special is we have three generations of Nowitzkis here today. This thing will be here long after we are gone, and other generations can come here and be proud,” said the former Dallas star during the ceremony.

The ceremony was held near the “Nowitzki Way,” the street named after him. The statue was under work for a couple of years, with Dirk and Holger Gerschwinder collaborating with artist Omri Amrany to memorialize his iconic one-legged fadeaway jump shot.

OKBET Dirk Nowitzki statue

Looking Back at the Moment

Dirk Nowitzki was the only player with a 21-year career on a single team. He was also the reason why Dallas had its first chip.

Looking back at the 2011 NBA Finals against the superteam Miami Heat, Nowitzki defied all odds by defeating Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. He was also why the three superstars could not make a three-peat.

James praised his former rival during the statue’s unveiling.

“He’s a legend; he’s an icon…that boy was cold.”

In that Game 6, the German Jesus was able to record a double-double (21 pts, 11 rebounds, and one assist) to bring the Heat to its knees 105-95, ending the series 4-2.

A New Dawn

Since Dirk Nowitzki retired in 2019, Dallas has found a new superstar in the Slovenian phenom Luka Doncic. The now-23-year-old athlete even played with the upcoming Hall of Famer during the 2018-2019 NBA season.

“It looks amazing, and he deserves it,” stated Doncic during the statue’s ceremony.

Now, he is the face of the franchise, which Dirk cherished for 21 years. He also makes his predecessor proud with 33.7 points per game, 8.8 rebounds, and 8.9 assists at 50.7% shooting.

Moreover, more OKBET players are looking forward to seeing Mavericks play because of him. Recently, he shattered Nowitzki’s single-game score record when he put up 60 pts, 21 rebounds, and ten assists against the New York Knicks last December 28. What’s even more impressive is that he did it to make a comeback and won the game 126-121 in overtime.

He is also the first NBA player to tally a 60-20-10 in a single game, making the passing of Nowitzki’s torch to him worthy.

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