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Best Craps Betting Strategy Online

September 30, 2022
by Noelyn Espinosa

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Best Craps Betting Strategy Online - OKBET online casino

Numerous players are tempted by physical casinos and online gambling sites by the popularity and high ranking of the dice game craps strategy. It takes specific knowledge, abilities, and the proper attitude to be good at craps. Players must also determine and adhere to the optimal Craps strategy for their playing style, financial situation, and needs. Before diving into the deep waters of competitive play, gamblers need to become familiar with the game’s rules and characteristics.

1. Select a Trustworthy Online Casino Site

If you want to use the best Craps strategy and win at the dice-rolling classic and other online games, selecting a trustworthy online craps casino with a good reputation is crucial. Finding an appropriate and reliable location might be difficult, but the process is more straightforward if you know what you’re looking for. One of the most recently operating online gaming companies in the Philippines is OKBET. There are a lot of benefits and advantages to this gaming website. It provides the conditions for you to practice your best craps strategy.

2. Recognize Fundamental Guidelines

It’s time to practice your abilities and play games to become familiar with the most effective Craps strategy. You can gain a better understanding of a playstyle’s advantages and disadvantages by adopting it, which will also help you learn more about its fundamental components. It could appear not very comforting at first, but we’ve taken care to explain everything understandably. A steady and long-lasting strategy also doesn’t need to be complex. Only a rudimentary understanding of a few bets is necessary to play effectively.

OKBET craps strategy

3. Come and Don’t Come Strategy 

You can have successful gaming sessions even if you merely place pass/don’t pass bets. Make them come, and don’t come stake intriguing if you want to pursue a more sophisticated Craps strategy. Come functions essentially the same as the pass line, whereas don’t come functions the same as don’t pass. The sole distinction between them is that come and don’t come put following the come-out roll when a point has been made, and the puck is “on.”

4. Strategy for Field Bets

Craps betting technique tips for field bets can be confusing. Some consider them a wrong move, while others believe they are viable. Before we share our thoughts, let’s learn about field wagers. The area they go to is called “Field,” with the numbers 2-3-4-9-10-11-12. It is a one-roll bet, so you will lose your stake if the above numbers do not appear on the next roll.

5. Dark Side Craps Strategies

This Strategy, also known as Crap Lay Bets, is appropriate for don’t bettors. It’s also a colloquial term for Don’t come and Don’t pass bets. The Dark Side strategy entails placing lay bets against the shooter. It means the shooter can place lay bets before a point is established.


Although craps is a game of chance, many players feel more at ease at the table when they have a betting system or Strategy. As previously stated, strategies make intelligent betting decisions by understanding the game’s house edge, payout values, and odds. While this may not be very exciting, especially for risk-taking players, these outcomes have the best overall chance of winning. These can be useful, but please remember that no strategy can make up for the lack of these because every single roll of the dice is completely random and thus cannot be predicted.

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