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An Overview of the Different Bingo Patterns

January 26, 2023
by Jeannie Albaredo

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An Overview of the Different Bingo Patterns

When people play games like Keno and Bingo, they often find patterns. The standard bingo patterns are all the numbers in a straight line, across, down, in the four corners, or in a blackout. There are other patterns, too. Bingo patterns can be easy or hard to follow. To figure out how a pattern works, you must pay attention to the game in front of you. Even the most experienced bingo players need help because the pattern they need to win can appear in many different ways. 

For different games, you need different designs. There are a lot of different patterns, some of which are harder to discover than others. This article will take a nearer look at some of the most common online bingo game patterns. So, if you want to go from being a beginner at Bingo to a pro, keep reading!

Lucky Seven

One of the most popular bingo patterns is called “Lucky Seven.” A player can get this design if all of the squares on their card are at the top or bottom and a diagonal line goes from one corner. As you may have guessed, the spaces you’ve marked off will make a “7” shape.


It is a design that can go in different directions. It can be made in any corner of a 75-ball bingo ticket. Also, this pattern only uses nine spots, which makes it reasonably easy to make.

A pattern of arrows going diagonally across the ticket and pointing in any four directions is also a winning combination. Making arrow patterns is fun, and games that use them can be finished quickly because they require fewer spaces.


Bingo’s diamond pattern gets its shape from the squares on each side of the card, which serve as the diamond’s points. This pattern can appear on bingo cards of different sizes, but not all games will accept it as a valid pattern, so you should check the rules before you play.

An Overview of the Different Bingo Patterns


Ancient Egyptians made the pyramid famous. It is a 3D square shape, but it will only look like a 2D shape on your bingo ticket. A pyramid pattern, which only uses nine spaces on the ticket, is one of the most accessible patterns to make after a single line.

Some bingo halls may let you turn your pyramid design any way you want, while others say it must be facing a sure way to win.

Number and Letters

Aside from lines and full houses, letters and numbers might be the most common bingo patterns. These patterns are some of the easiest to make and understand. The most used are the letters T, H, and X and the numbers 3, 4, 7, and 8.

Everyone can recognize a letter or number, which makes it easy for players to use them. Even though some of these patterns are harder to learn than others, most people can understand them easily. Here’s a quick rundown.

  • Letters: For a successful bingo, the person calling the game might pick a specific letter. Most of the time, letters are made on the corners, diagonals, and outside edges of a bingo card. Letter patterns with X, Z, S, or E are often used.
  • Numbers: The bingo caller will tell the players the pattern before the game starts, just like the letters of the alphabet do. The most common set of numbers is seven. The remaining ones are 3, 4, 8, and 9. The winner is the one who figures out their card’s number first.


As we’ve already said, the patterns on this list are some of the ones you might have to look for. The clock, the windmill, and the bell are three other popular bingo patterns. Listen carefully when the caller tells you the rules and which patterns to play. You may already have a completed pattern on your card and want to ensure you get all the fun of calling Bingo! At OKBET, you can choose from many bingo games, including some with the most excellent live dealers. Sign up today and play to find out more.

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