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OKBet: A PAGCOR-Authorized Gambling Platform in the Philippines

OKBet is the leading online betting platform in the Philippines, authorized by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. We are a legitimate site that delivers high-quality betting services.

Kingwin Ventures Inc: Owner of the Leading Platform

Owned and operated by Kingwin Ventures, Our platform has been offering a wide range of gambling services in the Philippines since 2021. We have continued to expand and improve to cater to Filipino players and other nationalities residing in the country, providing them with the best digital gambling experience.

Through our initiatives, we have received excellent reviews from clients and critics. As a relatively new player in the industry, we have shown dedication and passion for our goal, resulting in recognition at the 2023 ASEAN Gaming Summit, where we were nominated for the Best Online Sports Betting Solutions category.

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We are a Responsible Gambling Advocate

Filipinos have painted gambling a bad picture. A survey from Pulse Asia showed that at least 67% were concerned about its effects.

Thus, as a legal gambling operator, we follow stringent PAGCOR guidelines to help mitigate problem gambling in the country. To support the government’s responsible gambling advocacy, our platform ensures that all players undergo the same registration and verification processes so we can filter out ineligible players.

We provide a safe and secure source of entertainment for Filipinos while promoting the beauty of the Philippines. We also help the economy by generating extra revenue for the government through tax returns and additional employment opportunities.

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We are not just a Gambling Platform

Our motto is “Together We Own the Win.” And by “we,” we mean you, our beloved clients. 

Through our players’ support, we have launched several campaigns since 2022, including the basketball camp “Play It Forward” and a local donation drive for Muntinlupa City residents.

Expect more initiatives that will cater to specific sectors of society to help usher in a better country for current and future generations.

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Why Choose Us?

Accessibility without Sacrificing Security

One of our goals is to provide easy access to Filipino gamblers, employing the country’s most common payment methods and commonly used platforms (social media and mobile applications). Our site supports deposits and withdrawals through e-wallets like Gcash, Maya, GrabPay, and FortunePay. We also accept over-the-counter and online payment from trusted banks like BPI, BDO, and more.

We aim to provide accessibility to over 82.3 million Filipino mobile phone users through our OKBet app, free to download on Google Play Store and Apple Store. With our app, players don’t have to switch to desktops to experience our world-class services.

At the same time, our platform has impenetrable cloud solutions to safeguard our players’ private information. We constantly upgrade our security patches to swiftly address security concerns and bugs on our website.

We use state-of-the-art secure socket layer (SSL) encryption and a cutting-edge Random Number Generator (RNG) system to guarantee safe and fair play to our users.

Dedicated Mobile App

The OKBet mobile application has all the features of the web version. It is also user-friendly, with an interface that is easier to understand and navigate.

We have created the app for added accessibility. Players can play anywhere, anytime, and with just a tap of the mobile screen.

Quick and Easy Registration

We are serious about providing a seamless registration process. With the help of our excellent customer service representatives, we are able to assist new players 24/7. Because of our dedicated assistance, our payments and payouts are instantaneous.

Concerns are quickly addressed because our team of experts is on standby for any inquiries or issues.

OKBet Careers – Your Hub to Success

OKBet was established amid the Covid-19 pandemic. We strive not only to provide a fair gambling venue but also to create jobs and contribute to the economy. 

Amid the financial chaos brought upon by Covid-19, we have launched OKBet Careers to help displaced Filipinos seeking opportunities.

Register at OKBet, and Together, We Win!

Interested in experiencing world-class betting experience? Register at OKBet and be part of our growing winners! As mentioned earlier, our website is a complete platform for all your betting needs. We have a variety of sports waiting to be wagered on and live matches for real-time staking. OKBet also has an app that can be used to play whenever, wherever you are.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now, and together, we win!


Is OKBet a legitimate online betting provider?

Acquiring a gambling license in the Philippines is not easy. Because of the laws, receiving accreditation from PAGCOR is a privilege. Thus, we make sure that our services and promotions align with the guidelines of PAGCOR.

Additionally, the legitimacy of our platform is being tested by companies imitating our brand. This is among the few genuine betting sites that carry the OKBet brand.

What is the meaning of OKBet?

While many copy our brand, OKBet’s essence cannot be reproduced. The 3D-sphere letter “O” represents our focus as an innovation-first company. We want to always be ahead in the gambling industry’s modernization for our customers’ sake.

Like the rooster, the “K” symbolizes our fighting spirit and competitive nature to be the most-secured, most-advanced betting platform in the country.

The B embedded with the number “1” is a symbol that OKBet is not the second-best gambling site. It stands above the rest as the best online gambling operator in the Philippines.

Do you have physical betting stations?

Yes, we do. We are not just aiming to conquer the online betting scene but also brick-and-mortar venues.

As of 2023, OKBet has opened two betting stations: Dexin Tower and Newport World Resorts in Pasay City.

We also have plans to expand our reach by opening stations starting with key cities in Metro Manila and Cebu City.

What are the requirements for playing at OKBet?

We adhere to Presidential Decree 1869. Thus we prohibit players that are:

  • Under 21 years old.
  • Members of the Philippine State force like the Armed Forces and the National Police.
  • Public officials

Interested players will have to undergo our Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process. This is to ascertain that the new user is over 21 years and is not a government official or part of the Philippine military and police force.

Government-issued photo IDs containing information must be presented during the application and verification processes. Interested players must also prepare PHP 1,000 as a security deposit that will be kept in the OKBet account for one month.

Does OKBet have any age limits?

As part of PAGCOR’s Know Your Customer process, certain applicants cannot create an OKBet account and use our online betting services.

Eligible players must be at least 21 years old to use our services. While there is no age limit for senior applicants, they must be able to pass the online interview portion of the KYC process to get their accounts verified.

What is Know Your Customer (KYC)?

The Know Your Customer process is a PAGCOR-endorsed policy that aims to curb money laundering through financial institutions like banks. The process also applies to businesses and organizations that deal with large cashflows like online casinos.

At OKBet, the KYC process is quick and straightforward. Once the required photo ID is submitted, the applicant will be scheduled for an online interview with our KYC specialists to corroborate the information provided.

Once the interview is completed, the customer’s OKBet account is verified. It can be used to fully enjoy our online betting offers.

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